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The Council's Charter for Social Services




People in need of help from social services and eligible for assistance will be supported to:

  • maintain their personal dignity and self-respect
  • increase their independence, choice and control
  • stay safe
  • improve their quality of life and make use of opportunities
  • improve their health and emotional well-being
  • achieve greater economic well-being
  • make a positive contribution to their community.

We believe that people using adult services should expect, for example:

  • services that protect adults from abuse and exploitation
  • fair access to services
  • good intermediate care services which prevent unnecessary hospital admissions
  • timely provision of equipment and adaptations to help promote their independence and ability to remain in their community
  • support for carers that enables them to continue performing this crucial role
  • discharge from hospital as soon as medical needs allow
  • appropriate levels of home care to help prevent admission to residential care
  • opportunities to develop skills, especially for people with learning or physical disabilities and mental health problems
  • joined-up services, across professional and organisational boundaries
  • meaningful participation in the planning of services.

We believe that children and their families should expect, for example:

  • services that protect children from abuse and exploitation
  • timely help to avoid children and young people having to be looked after unnecessarily
  • quality care in placements for children who are looked after and additional services to meet their educational and health needs
  • opportunities for leisure and respite care, to support children and young people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities and their families
  • action to prevent offending and to reduce re-offending by children and young people
  • encouragement to participate in decision-making and to work in partnership with social services.