Retired soldier praises Welsh tutor for her commitment to her pupils’ development

Vale resident John Voss chose to start an induction course in learning Welsh in order to support his daughter in her multilingual education. 


  • Wednesday, 13 February 2019

    Vale of Glamorgan


A former soldier, he served 31 years in the forces before being medically discharged. 


John was the only Englishman in his class, and, despite his worries, he said his tutor, Shareen Mitchell’s professional positive attitude was “exceptional” and he continued on his course.


Shareen has been working as a tutor in the Vale for six years and said she thoroughly enjoys her work.


Mr Voss said: "Shareen is a true professional who is always committed in developing all levels of the spectrum including children and adults.  


"Her drive, zeal and commitment are outstanding, her understanding of the students’ barriers to learning is special and I thank her for giving me an understanding of the language and enabling me and my daughter to talk in Welsh and more importantly understand each other.”

Vale Managing Director, Rob Thomas, along with Director of Learning and skills, Paula Ham, recently visited the Adult Community Learning Centre at Palmerston in Barry.


Rob Thomas said: “I was delighted to receive such positive feedback from one of the pupils, who has found learning Welsh through the Council’s training programme so beneficial. 


“One thing that was immediately apparent to me was the enthusiasm and commitment shown, not only by Shareen but all of the staff who are based at the centre, which makes learning Welsh so enjoyable, whatever the reason, whether it be to support their children in Welsh medium education, to enhance job opportunities or to be able to communicate socially.”