Council Camera Car identifies more than 200 offences in first three weeks of operation

THE Vale of Glamorgan Council’s new camera car has identified more than 200 vehicles parked incorrectly during its first three weeks of operation.


  • Tuesday, 06 October 2020

    Vale of Glamorgan

Tasked with cracking down on the issue of problem parking, particularly outside schools, the Civil Parking Enforcement Camera Car began patrolling Vale streets on September 14.


In three weeks, it found:
• 40 Drivers parked on the zigzags either side of a pedestrian crossing.

• 21 cars parked on school crossings during school arrival or departure times.  

• 32 cars found in taxi ranks.

• 27 cars in bus stops.

• 91 vehicles found parked on ‘No Loading’ restrictions. 


Camera Enforcement Vehicle

Those drivers received warning notices, but from October 05 £70 Penalty Charge Notices will be issued for such offences, with a 50 per cent discount for early payment.

The camera car compliments the efforts of Enforcement Officers, who patrol on foot, and the Council’s Park Tidy campaign, which encourages safe, lawful parking.

It is specifically designed to target areas where short-term parking is prohibited such as outside schools and at bus stops.


Residents are also reminded to use footways responsibly and that cycling on pavements is not allowed.

Cycleways have been installed around the County to carer for cyclists and to keep pavements safe for pedestrians.

Cllr Peter King, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, said: “The number of parking infringements identified by the camera car in its first three weeks of operation proves how useful it can be in addressing bad parking.

“We regularly receive reports of dangerous parking, particularly from schools and parents who are concerned about their children’s safety and the car will assist greatly in these areas. 


“The vast majority of Vale residents are careful and law abiding when parking. Hopefully, the camera car will encourage the small percentage of irresponsible parkers to act in a more considerate manner.”