Council helps non-essential retail sector to reopen safely

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is working closely with businesses to keep people safe as non-essential retail reopens

  • Tuesday, 13 April 2021

    Vale of Glamorgan


More shops can now begin welcoming back customers after Welsh Government eased Covid19 restrictions.

The Council has been in contact with business owners throughout the crisis, helping them apply for financial support and providing guidance on how to operate safely when rules allow.

To protect the public, officers will also monitor businesses, offering advice on improvements that may need to be made and taking enforcement action if required.



Shared Regulatory Services (SRS), the body attached to the Council that ensures businesses are abiding by Covid-19 restrictions, has issued 68 improvement notices in the Vale.


And eight businesses have been ordered to close altogether.

Dave Holland, Head of SRS, said: “We’re delighted that more businesses are now able to start operating again after an extremely difficult period.

“Strict measures are in place to protect customers and employees we will do all we can to help all businesses operate in a safe manner.

“We aim to work in partnership with businesses, assisting them in complying with the regulations.

“However, where businesses refuse to follow guidance and persistently break the rules, we will not hesitate to take decisive action. This could involve closing a premises until necessary improvements are made.”

For more information on how to operate a business safely, visit the SRS website.