Rhws Primary pioneer outdoor learning spaces

Rhws Primary School has thought outside the box to give pupils new outdoor spaces in which to learn.


  • Friday, 17 December 2021

    Vale of Glamorgan



A 100m2 tepee has been erected providing the children with an exciting new space in which to have lessons.

The school, based the Vale of Glamorgan, has also revamped other spaces following vandalism earlier in the year with the help of the local


community.  The team at Rhws Primary School have unveiled their new outdoor learning spaces, and further projects are underway, including a nurture pod and a nutrition pod, creating a wellbeing ‘village’ for the children. 

These outdoor spaces include a large tepee, providing a much needed, large well-ventilated learning space, suitable for a variety of activities, including classroom learning, school performances and PE lessons.  

The Rhws Rangers area at the school has also had a makeover, following vandalism earlier in the year. 

The Rangers group aims to help children build resilience, confidence and independence, and learn new skills using outdoor spaces. 

Chief Ranger, Tara Williams, along with other staff, parents and volunteers worked tirelessly to clear the group’s outdoor area before installing new bench seating and outdoor cooking and craft facilities.

This area is used for learning about nature and developing outdoor craft skills and team building. 


Cllr Lis Burnett, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said: 

“Rhws Primary School has done a brilliant job on this innovative project.

“These outdoor learning spaces will provide pupils with exciting, modern learning facilities that will improve their school experience.

“It will also provide additional learning spaces and facilities to meet the anticipated increase in demand for school places

“This would not have been possible without the fantastic work of volunteers and the generosity of the local community.”

Jacqui Pyer, School Business Manager at Rhws Primary school also got in touch to share her thoughts on the project: 


 “Children’s wellbeing has suffered greatly during this period of enormous change, they have had to adapt, often with little notice.


"These new learning areas both enrich the children’s school experience and lifts their spirits. 


 “The children love learning in the new area. Rhws Rangers learn about local plants and which ones are edible; they even made dandelion fritters on the open fire!” 


The school has also announced that they are planning to open two new shipping container conversions, providing new spaces for the children to learn.

The first of the containers, named the Nurture Pod, will be catered towards the pupils’ wellbeing, decorated with natural materials, creating a safe and comforting place for work to take place.

The second, the Nutrition Pod, will be fitted with a full working kitchen so that children can learn about nutrition, health and will learn how to cook and serve food.