Community Mapping Pilot Project

We have been working with the communities of St Athan, Wenvoe and Rhoose to pilot new ways of community mapping. We have summarised the findings of the pilot project in the video.


The community mapping process is a way of bringing a community together to focus on the positives in the area, recognising that everyone has something to offer and attempt to look at solutions to problems arising.


The process involves getting people talking about what already exist:

  • Social Assets - Community groups, organisations and individuals
  • Physical Assets -  Community centres, open spaces and businesses
  • and what really matters to the community.


Benefits of Community Mapping

There are many benefits of community mapping, including:

  • Build on existing strengths in the community
  • Cultivate new partnerships and relationships
  • Enable the community to explore and be aware of their assets
  • Identify new resources
  • Provide information across stakeholders
  • Provides evidence of need for external funding



The community mapping toolkit has been designed to help people wanting to engage with their communities.


It offers handy tools and advice on how to reach a range of people, with lots of practical help resources to get you started.



community mapping - map discussion

Community Mapping Case Studies in the Rural Vale

We have been working with the following communities, each unique and requiring a different approach, learn about some of the challenges and successes below:




For further information contact:

Hannah Dineen, Senior Regeneration Officer


  • 01446 704226