Polling Stations

A Polling Station is a building that people visit on election/polling day to place their vote. They can be all types of building such as a leisure centre, community centre, church hall, or temporary portacabin.


What happens at a polling station?

A room in the building is set up with voting booths and a ballot box.

A Presiding Officer and Poll Clerk stay at the station all day to help you place your vote when you visit.

*You will not be able to vote unless you are registered on the Electoral Register before election day*


How are polling stations chosen?

The Vale of Glamorgan is split into different areas for election/polling day.  We call these polling districts.

Each polling district has it's own polling station.

This means that you must use the polling station that is set up for the polling district your house sits in.


A polling station can be any building within a polling district but must be:

  • accessible for everyone
  • safe and well maintained
  • easily located. 

Two new polling stations.

Due to the increasing polling district sizes, two new polling stations have been included this year.  They are in:


Baruc Ward, polling district AC1 - The Premier Inn Hotel, Triangle Site, Fford Mileniwm, The Waterfront, Barry CF62 5QN.

Castleland Ward, polling district FD1 - Child Protection Conference Room, Dock Office, Barry, Cf63 4RT.


Where is my nearest polling station?

To find your polling station please select your ward (area) from the table below.


If you are unsure about which ward (area) you come under then please visit our 'My Glamorgan' webpages by typing your postcode into the box below:



Baruc Dyfan Rhoose
Buttrills Gibbonsdown St Athan
Cadoc Illtyd St Augustines
Castleland Llandough St Brides Major
Cornerswell Llandow - Ewenny Stanwell
Court Llantwit Major Sully
Cowbridge Peterston Super Ely Wenvoe
Dinas Powys Plymouth  


What is a polling station review?

The Vale of Glamorgan Council check the polling stations, districts, and places every 5 years to make sure that every person has reasonable facilities for voting that are accessible.


The 2014 polling station review has now ended.

The next review is due in 2019.


To see the results of the 2014 review please click the button below:


Proposed changes 2014



What if I can't get to my polling station on election/polling day?

You can also vote by post or have someone go to the polling station for you.


Please visit our Application and Waiver Forms webpage by clicking the button below:


Application and Waiver Forms 


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