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Postal Vote Handling banner provided by The electoral commission. The rules on who can hand in postal votes in some election in Wales have changed. Your vote matters don't lose it.


Postal Vote Handling


From May 2024, you will only be able to hand in 6 postal votes at a polling station. This includes your own postal vote. 


If you hand in more than 6 postal votes, your own vote will still be accepted, but all other votes handed in will be rejected.


If you are a political campaigner, you are banned from handling postal votes, unless:


• The vote is your own,

• The vote is for one of your close family members, or

• The vote is for someone you care for.


If you are handing in postal votes, you will need to complete a Postal Vote Return Form at any polling station in the Vale of Glamorgan or in person at the Civic offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU (please ask reception to call a member of our team). 


When completing the form, you will need to include:


• Your name,

• Your address, and

• The reason you are handing in postal votes for other people. 


Your postal votes will be rejected if you do not complete the form properly, or to the authorising officer’s satisfaction.

This also applies to any votes that are given to the Returning Officer at the Civic Offices. 


PLEASE NOTE - Your vote will not be counted if you hand deliver them to anyone other than a member of the Electoral Services team or a member of staff at a polling station.


The secrecy requirements at a polling station, also applies to any postal or proxy votes. It is an offence to


• find out how somebody else has voted, or 

• to tell others how somebody has voted.


Find out how to apply online to vote by post or proxy at UK Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


If you choose to vote by proxy, then the person who you have trusted to vote on your behalf will have to take their own photo ID. If they do not have photo ID, they will not be given the ballot paper. 


Voter ID


For more information on postal vote handling, please visit the Electoral Commission