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Voting by Post or Proxy

How to apply to vote by post or proxy. 


You are now able to apply online to vote by post or proxy (someone voting on your behalf) for UK Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioner elections.


You can do this by visiting

Apply for a postal vote - GOV.UK (



To vote by post for Senedd and Local Government Elections, you will still need to complete a paper application which can be found here 



If you are unable to apply online, you can use this Combined Application Form to apply for all election types. 



If you wish to apply for a postal proxy, please contact the office.




You will need to renew the signature on your postal vote application for UK Parliamentary and Police and Crime Commissioner elections every 3 years. Your signature for your Senedd and Local Government Elections postal vote, will need to be reviewed every 5 years. But please don’t worry, we will contact you when you need to renew your signatures.



Voters will not need to show photo ID to apply by post or proxy. Although the proxy will need to show their photo ID at the polling station.

To find out more about Voter ID, please visit our dedicated page for Voter ID which includes lots of FAQ’s.



If you have any queries on any of these changes, please contact the Electoral Registration team by email at or by phone on 01446 729552.