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Voter Registration Resources

Information for parents, schools, colleges and youth groups about registering to vote.


All pupils aged 14 - 15, or foreign citizens living in Wales can now apply to be added to the Electoral Register. Registering at this age will enable them to be on the Electoral Register when they turn 16 and are eligible to vote. 


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  • If someone you know turns 16 on or before 05 May 2022, or is already 16 they are entitled to vote in the Local Election.

  • If you know someone who is a foreign citizen living in Wales and has turned 16 they are also entitled to vote in the Local Election.



Step 1: Registering to Vote

Being on the Vale of Glamorgan Electoral Register also has the following benefits: 

  • Proof of address and length of residence within the Vale of Glamorgan

  • Proof of identity

  • Proof of residence

  • Record for credit purposes and to help improve credit rating for the future  


To register, just go to it only takes 5 minutes!



How to Register


Step 2: Research and Information

Preparing to vote, more information about where to find information about candidates, parties, ways to vote and your nearest polling station.


Once you are registered to vote, you can decide how to vote in the next election. There are 3 ways to vote:

  • Visit your nearest polling station in person, on Poll Day

  • Send your ballot paper back to us in the post

  • Appoint a proxy (another person) to vote on your behalf either in person or by post


Voting Information

Polling Station Finder


Step 3: Voting 

Information and guidance about the voting process. 

  • You will receive a poll card in the post approximately 2 to 3 weeks before a forthcoming Poll Day.

  • This poll card will show which of the 3 ways you have chosen to vote.

  • A ballot paper is the piece of paper you mark your vote on at the polling station.

  • If you vote by post you will receive a polling card to advise this is your voting method and then you will receive your ballot papers separately approximately 10 days before Poll Day.


If you want to change the way that you vote you will need to fill in an application form and send it to your local Electoral Registration Office.


Welsh Government Resources

Welsh Government HWB resources for schools and colleges:


Use your views information

Hwb Resources Key Stage 3 and 4 


Senedd Cymru

Information about the Senedd and how your voice can be heard in the Senedd. 


Vote-16 Resources 

UK Parliament Week 06 - 12 November 2023

UK Parliament Week takes place in the first week of November each year. During this week you can find lots of information about democracy and take part in events that run in many parts of the country. You can also find resources to get involved with debates, a quiz, book a visit to Parliament, download leaflets and watch videos on how to empower your future. 


UK Parliament Week Resources





Electoral Commission Resources

Variety of voting information is available on the Electoral Commission website:


Electoral Commission Videos




Electoral Registration Department Resources

Want to know more about the Electoral Register, opting out of the open register, the options available to suit your needs or how to complete an online application?


You can now watch this PowerPoint presentation created by our team to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. 


Powerpoint presentation