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How to Register

There are four ways you can register for the electoral register


Register Online

Registering online is the quickest way to register and only takes 5 minutes!


You will need to know your National Insurance Number and Date of Birth before you start!

Complete the electronic Invitation to Register Form by clicking the button below and following the instructions.


Register on GOV.UK

Register over the Telephone

When you call we will ask you for the following details which will take a few minutes:

  • Your full legal name
  • National Insurance Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Current Address
  • Your contact details in case we need to discuss your application to register at a later date
  • Previous address (if you have moved recently)
  • Previous name (if you have changed your name recently)
  • Which voting method you would like to use
  • Whether you would like to opt out of the Open Register
  • Call us on 01446 729 552


*Any contact details you give us are confidential and are only used within the Electoral Registration Department*

Register using a Paper Form

The paper form you will need is called an Invitation to Register (ITR) Form.


The Invitation to Register Form is available:


  • By emailing us at
    If you email us, please include your full name and address in your message.

  • To collect from the Main Reception at the Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry. CF63 4RU

*Paper Forms must be completed in full or it will delay your application*                         

Register In Person

Call into the Main Reception at the Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry. CF63 4RU and ask the receptionist for a copy of the Invitation to Register Form.


You can complete the form there and then and leave it with the receptionist for the Electoral Registration Office.


If you need any additional assistance, please ask for a member of the Electoral Registration Team whilst you are still in the main reception area.


Directions to the Civic Offices



Register as an overseas elector


If you are a British citizen living abroad, you are still entitled to vote in UK Parliamentary Elections and Referendums.

You will need to register to vote by going to GOV.UK.


Due to legislation changes for overseas electors, restrictions have been lifted granting those who moved abroad 15 plus year ago eligability to register to vote. Click on the below link for more information.


Electoral Commission


To ensure you can vote in future Parliamentary elections, you need to apply online for a postal or proxy vote.


Overseas Postal Application


Overseas Proxy Application