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Medical Assessment Guidance

Before you fill in the medical assessment section of the Homes4U form, please read the following information.


A medical assessment is the process that we use to assess your health and how it is affected by your housing.


It is used to decide if we can award you a greater priority to improve your position on the housing list.


How to Apply

To apply for a medical assessment please complete the relevant section when completing the Homes4U application online. Please give as much information as possible so that we can make a fair assessment.


Applying for re-housing on medical grounds.

You should apply for re-housing on medical grounds if you think that you or a member of your household’s health or disability is being made worse by your current home.


Do I need a letter from my doctor? - Yes, if you already have information relating to your medical circumstances, you can post or email to Homes4U.


Who will make the assessment? - The Homes4U Team will make the assessment based on the information provided from your health professional.


If you make a homeless application, stating that you are vulnerable due to a diagnosed illness or disability, an assessment will be carried out to identify whether you are in priority need based on your medical condition.


This is defined by law, not by the advisor.


Assessments are carried out regularly and will base priority on the medical conditions described and how they are affected by the accommodation in which you live.

Special Circumstances

The medical advisor may take account of the following circumstances:


Extra bedroom

Homes4U will consider your request for an extra bedroom for a medical reason if:

  • You have a full-time carer
  • Receive Higher Disability Allowance (care component)
  • Higher Attendance Allowance.


In addition, you must:

  • Need an extra room
  • Have a serious illness that requires you to have your own room
  • Use specialized medical equipment and need a storage room



Accessible Housing

If you find it hard to manage the stairs in your home, the recommendation may be that you are considered for priority ground-floor housing only.


In such cases you would be visited at home to establish the level of your housing need and to determine if you have any specific housing requirements.



If you disagree with our decision, you can ask for it to be reviewed by the Homes4U Team. You should;

  • make your request in writing and within 21 days of receipt of our decision
  • state why you feel the decision is incorrect
    Further options may be sought from support organisations, GPs, Social Services, or an independent medical assessor.

After the review we will write to you with the outcome and the reasons.