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Lighting Design Guide and Specification

Our guide for developers applies to highway electrical equipment on roads on residential developments and industrial estates and retail parks where the speed of vehicles is not expected to exceed 30 mph (50 kph)


While the specification of equipment to be used on roads for higher vehicular speeds will generally comply with this document, it is recommended this should be discussed with our Street Lighting Manager before commencing a detailed design.


The materials suggested for use when installing street lighting on roads are our preferred option for a street lighting system on roads that are to be adopted. Developers who wish to use alternative designs or materials should liaise with our Street Lighting Manager to ensure that adoption will not be prejudiced.


Granting planning permission or building regulation approval does not mean that the Highway Authority will adopt the proposed street lighting or necessarily that the highways as proposed will be suitable for adoption.


It is vital that developers consult with our highways development section before submission for planning permission or building regulation approval, to ensure that what is proposed will be acceptable for adoption.


Lighting Design Guide


Please contact us for the electrical wiring specification and standard details: