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How telecare works

A step by step guide of how telecare alarm services work.

We fit an alarm unit in your home, this is connected to your telephone line and electrical socket. Our alarms come with a small button, which can be worn around your neck or on the wrist. Once the button is pressed a call will connect wirelessly to the alarm unit and continue to dial for assistance.



Telecare Stage 1

Step 1 - Installation

We will arrange for a trained installer to visit your home at a convenient time to set up the equipment.


Our alarms use digital technology and installation usually takes no more than 30 minutes.


We will give you an introduction leaflet and more information is always available by calling 01446 700111.


Telecare Stage 2

Step 2 - Raising an alarm call

If you need help, alarm calls can be easily raised from anywhere in the home and garden (up to 300 metres coverage) by simply pressing the button or the large illuminated red button on the home unit.


This triggers the main alarm inside the Lifeline unit, and will automatically dial into our 24-hour monitoring centre. 


Please Note: We advise you to press your button once a month to test the system and also to increase peace of mind that support is really just a button away.


Telecare Stage 3

Step 3 - Help is called

The Lifeline unit automatically dials the monitoring centre where a trained operator answers and instantly sees your personal details, supplied to us when you join the service.


This information includes your:

  • Name and address
  • Medical details
  • Social work, care and support details (if any)
  • Doctor's details
  • Details of key responders
  • Key safe (if known)
  • Any other essential information

This information is kept confidentially and is subject to the Data Protection Act. You can read the Telecare Privacy Notice online.


Telecare Stage 4

Step 4 - Help arrives

The operator will stay on the line until help has been called. We will either phone your emergency contact or despatch our fall response service that is run by St John Ambulance. In a medical emergency, we will contact the Ambulance Service and advise them of the situation so they can help you.


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If you are interested in Telecare and would like to find out more please contact 01446 700111 or You can also fill out a Telecare Enquiry Form: