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Telecare Alarm Services

Telecare offers a range of services and devices which use technology to enable vulnerable people to live with greater independence and safety in their own home. 



Free Telecare Installation

The installation is currently free of charge. There’s a weekly charge of £5.34 from the week following installation. 


Due to changes in the availability of financial assistance, Welsh Government Supporting People Funding may be able to cover the cost of monitoring the alarm service; an individual is eligible if at risk of a trip, slip or fall (if under 60, also in receipt of sickness/disability benefits or medical evidence of risk may be needed). The weekly charge will therefore reduce to £4.10.  


If you are interested in Telecare and would like to find out more please contact:


Telecare Enquiry Form

What is TeleV?

TeleV provides support to people in their own homes with the help of technology and community response services. 


TeleV devices are linked to a 24hr monitoring Centre in Barry.


The system can be used at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. Whatever the reason, if you hear a sound in the middle of the night, if you have an accident or incident in the home or suffer from a medical emergency the operator will arrange help as quickly as possible.


The operator is there to provide friendly support with a reassuring voice to alleviate any distress or to put your mind at rest.


Who is TeleV for?

  • People with disabilities

  • People living with serious or chronic illnesses

  • People leaving hospital following major or minor surgery or illness

  • People leaving hospital following major or minor surgery or illness

  • People who feel vulnerable or insecure

  • People at risk of domestic violence


What are the Benefits:

  • A friendly, dignified service

  • Easy to use equipment

  • Provides peace of mind for clients and their relatives/friends

  • Eases the pressure of family, or carer commitment time

  • Provides a range of packages to suit individuals needs and circumstances

  • Ensures help is at hand at the touch of a button


"My gratitude to the team is immense without a doubt, they have saved my life twice through their response to my calls. My thanks to you all."  -  Mrs Phillips

"The service is wonderful, it has been a godsend to me over the years on three separate occasions.  When i fell in the kitchen the operator answered almost straight away, she stayed on the line reassuring me until my nephew arrived, she was very friendly and calmed me through the situation.  I wouldn't be without it , it's a comfort to my children too. I certainly don't begrudge a penny because it allows me to feel safe in my home." - Mrs Vera Tanner, age 89

  "I want to stay living in my familiar bungalow as long as I can. Knowing someone is there at the press of a button if I have a fall, am nervous or panic is such a reassurance" – Mrs Jones.

"I am so grateful for the service, it is invaluable to me.  It has saved my life several times after suffering from a series of heart attacks. I wouldn’t be without it."- Mrs Howcroft, age 89


If you have the Telecare service or know someone who has, the team would love to hear your stories.

TeleV Plus-logo


The second level of Telecare is TeleV+ a more bespoke specialised service. People who require this service will need to reach a certain criteria and would normally be referred to us by a health professional. The service includes:

  • Sourcing equipment for individuals needs
  • Detailed assessments
  • Pagers for carers
  • Falls detectors, epilepsy sensors, GPS trackers, Bed sensors, door exit sensors for example


TeleV+ Service

Key Responders

These are a small number of nominated people (for example your family or neighbours) who may have a key to the property, or if a ‘keysafe’ is in place, access to the code [a keysafe is a secure box on the outside of the property which holds a key].


Should you require assistance in an emergency, the operator will speak to you via the loudspeaker in the home unit and can hear you through the powerful microphone, helping them to understand the reason for the call.  They will also refer to the personal information that you have given us, to enable them to make an informed decision about what action is required.


Even if they can't hear you or if you are unable to respond the operator will send help. They will assist in contacting and giving access to emergency doctors, ambulance crew, the fire service and the police.


The operator will also contact key responders, if an emergency service is not needed, to inform them of an emergency or they may be contacted to give access to the property.


A key element of the TeleV service is that the monitoring centre operator will tailor their action to your own individual needs and situation. All staff at the centre are fully trained and understand that no two calls are the same.


(If you require the Fire Service or the Police and can get to a telephone, we advise you contact them directly, then call the TeleV Alarm Service).

  • Can I switch my alarm off?

    No, your alarm unit must be left plugged in and switched on 24 hours a day.


    If your alarm is switched off accidentally, the monitoring centre will be alerted and will phone you to ask you to reconnect it.

  • Can I wear my pendant in the bath/ shower?
    The pendant is waterproof, and can be worn in the shower, however immersing it in water in a bath should be avoided.  You should keep it within easy reach of your bath in case you need it.
  • What shall I do when my key responder goes on holiday?

    Please inform us if you know your key responders are going away, so we can make alternate arrangements with you.

  • I am going away do I need to notify you?

    Yes, let us know if you are going away so we can amend our records and advise you about switching the unit off.

  • What shall I do if I pressed the pendant accidentally?
    Please don’t worry when your alarm goes off accidentally, we do not mind receiving calls activated accidentally. It also gives you peace of mind knowing how quickly we responded.
  • Can I wear the pendant to bed?
    We do not advise clients to wear their pendants in bed as it might activate whist you are sleeping. This will result in you being woken by the phone if it is near by, or a visit from a key responder if you did not hear the phone ringing. If you choose not to wear the pendant to bed, please remember to keep it within easy reach and take it with you when you get up.
  • What should I do if my medical circumstances or contact details change?
    It is important you keep us informed of any relevant changes to your circumstances – new telephone number, due to move home, new key responder, etc.  Remember, if your circumstances change, let us know immediately!
  • How long will it take someone to visit me in an emergency?
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee when people will arrive. However we endeavour to get key responders or the Emergency Services with you as quickly as we can.
  • Will the client still be able to use their existing phone?

    Yes, the client will still be able to make normal telephone calls. When we install an alarm unit we will plug it into the client’s telephone socket and the client’s existing phone will then be plugged into the alarm unit.


    They will then be able to use their existing phone as normal. If the alarm is activated during a normal telephone conversation it will take control of the line and automatically disconnect the call and then call the alarm monitoring computer at the control centre.

  • Will the installation require much work to be done?
    If the client has a telephone socket and a mains electricity socket reasonably close together, preferably on the same wall, all we have to do is plug the alarm unit into the mains electricity and telephone sockets. If they do not have a telephone line, they will need to have one installed. This can be done by contacting a telephone service provider. If asked, we can assist the client in answering this.
  • What happens if there is a power cut or if the client accidentally switches of the alarm units electricity?

    The unit will automatically switch to its built in battery back up power supply, it will emit a loud warning sound and alert the Emergency Control Centre that the power has failed.


    The Control Centre will then take appropriate action.


    The battery provides 40 hours back-up and in the unlikely event that they fail as well, the alarm unit will operate as a normal telephone.


  • What happens if the client accidentally disconnects the alarm unit from the telephone socket?
    The unit will automatically emit a series of loud warning bleeps or a verbal warning to alert the client that the alarm has become disconnected.


    Unfortunately, the unit will not be able to alert the Emergency Control Centre that the unit has been disconnected from the phone line.

  • What if the client accidentally presses the pendant?

    Accidentally calling the Emergency Control Centre is not a problem, we will just log the call, check that the client is not in need of assistance and will close the alarm call down.


    In fact we welcome false activations and ask you to test your pendant every month to reassure the client that the system works.

  • What happens if the clients alarm unit fails?
    All the client has to do is contact the Emergency Control Centre and we will arrange for the unit to be repaired or replaced. We will replace the faulty unit as soon as we can and aim to attend or respond by the end of the next working day.