Cowbridge Comprehensive School rated excellent across the board by inspectors

Cowbridge Comprehensive School has received a sensational inspection report having been rated excellent in all five categories of assessment.


  • Thursday, 20 June 2019

    Vale of Glamorgan


The school, which recorded record-breaking A Level results last summer and the best GCSE performance in its history, was also given top marks across the board by inspectors.

In the areas of Standards; Wellbeing and attitudes to learning; Teaching and learning experiences; Care, support and guidance and Leadership and management, Cowbridge was awarded the highest grade possible.


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Inspectors have even invited the school to submit a case study of their work in sustaining excellence to be used as an example to others on Estyn’s website.

The report reads: “Strong, assured leadership, careful curriculum planning and consistently effective teaching to educate and inspire young people have been successful in securing exceptionally high levels of pupil attainment and wellbeing at Cowbridge Comprehensive School.”

In the section of Standards, the report continues: “Most pupils are enthusiastic learners. They take obvious pride in their work and make strong progress in lessons. They recall previous learning well and apply this knowledge and understanding confidently in different, challenging situations.”

And in the area of Wellbeing and attitudes to learning, inspectors found: “Nearly all pupils behave maturely and respectfully in lessons and around the school. They are polite towards their teachers, peers and visitors, and possess a strong sense of responsibility and citizenship.”

The compliments continue in the category of Teaching and learning experiences, which states: “Consistently effective teaching, careful curriculum planning and strong provision for the development of pupils’ skills have a substantial impact on pupils’ personal development, wellbeing and the standards that they achieve.”



When evaluating Care, support and Guidance, inspectors concluded: “The school is a very friendly and inclusive community, where pupils and staff value and respect each other, and share high expectations. The staff are committed to meeting the individual needs of pupils and this is reflected in the high quality care and support that the school provides. As a result, pupils make strong progress in their learning and in their personal and social development.”

Finally, under the heading of Leadership and management, the report reads: “The Headteacher provides strong, assured leadership. She is supported well by her senior leadership team. Together, they have developed a clear vision to educate and inspire young people, and to provide them with the best possible preparation for their future lives. Staff, pupils and the governing body embrace fully the school’s aims and expectations. Leadership throughout the school has contributed significantly to notable improvements in the quality of teaching, to the progress pupils make in lessons and to the examination outcomes they achieve.”


Headteacher Debra Thomas said: "I am delighted that the work of our pupils and staff has been recognised as outstanding and of the highest quality. Furthermore, we are very proud that Estyn have not recommended any areas for improvement. However, we know that improvement is continuous and we are busy planning our next priorities for further development."

Cllr Lis Burnett, Vale of Glamorgan Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Education and regeneration, said: “This school inspection report is nothing short of outstanding, pupils and staff deserve tremendous credit for this amazing achievement. Cowbridge is now rightly being held up as an example for all others to follow and I’d like to pass on my sincere congratulations to everyone involved. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves.”