New parking policy proposed for the Vale of Glamorgan

A different approach to parking management across the Vale of Glamorgan is to be considered by the Council’s cabinet on Monday 18 March with the Council looking to introduce further charging in some car parks and also on street in resorts.


  • Thursday, 14 March 2019

    Vale of Glamorgan

Parking signNo charges would be introduced for on street town centre parking under the proposals. The proposals would see parking remain free of charge for the first two hours as well as free parking on a Sunday in all town centre car parks.  6 and 12 month permits would also be made available for regular users.  Charges would apply for stays of longer than 2 hour in town centre car parks but not on street.


All year round resort car park charges are proposed for car parks at the Barry Island, Ogmore-by-sea and Southerndown. These charges vary between peak and off-peak times and parking would be free before 8am with reduced tariffs after 4pm. On street parking charges would also be applied at the resorts of Barry Island and Penarth Esplanade.


Under the proposals, which have been produced by Council Officers following detailed consideration of a thorough and lengthy public consultation exercise in 2018, charges would also be applied at the coastal car parks of Barry’s Cold Knap, Cwm Col Huw in Llantwit Major and at Penarth’s Cliff Walk. These new charges will for 2019/20 only apply during the summer season. 


Annual passes would be available for all resort and coastal car parks.


Charges of between £1 and £3 would be applied to Cosmeston Lakes and Porthkerry Country Parks between 8am and 6pm. Again a reduced price annual pass would be available.


Parking for cars displaying a blue badge would remain free of charge in all instances.  


A spokesperson for the Council said: “Maintaining the Vale’s car parks costs the Council upwards of £300,000 each year and this does not include the costs of managing the resorts they support. 


“As was widely acknowledged during the debate on the Council’s budget for 2019/20 we have no alternative but to seek to raise additional income if we wish to continue to provide the services that we know our residents want and which bring visitors to the Vale.


“We have listened carefully to the views shared during the consultation and the Policy proposed differs significantly from that proposed by Capita.   Parking will be free for two hours in all town centre car parks and town centre on street parking will incur no charge at all. We have done all we can to ensure these charges do not penalise local residents and where new charges are being proposed we have ensured these will be competitive with neighbouring local authority areas.

“The new measures for residents parking permits will also ensure that where spaces are at a premium local residents can ensure they have preference for a very reasonable cost, with no restriction on the number of permits that each household can apply for.”

If approved on 18 March the Council’s new parking policy it is likely the proposed charges will come into effect later in 2019 once the required legal framework has been put in place. 



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