We're taking part in WWF Cymru for Earth Hour

Saturday 30 March 2019, 8:30pm - 9:30pm


WWF’s Earth Hour is a global movement, which brings together people across the world to call for greater action on protecting our planet.


Each year millions of people around the world get involved by switching off their lights and organising events for their communities to show they care.


We’re switching off any non-essential lights for one hour to help create a symbolic and spectacular display and encouraging local landmarks and businesses in your area to do the same.



Why we are supporting Earth Hour

Our world is under threat like never before. We’re destroying forests, choking the oceans with plastic, decimating wildlife population sizes, and causing devastating changes to the climate. We are the first generation to know we are destroying the world. And we could be the last that can do anything about it. We must act now to reverse the damage and restore nature. We have the solutions, we just need our voices to be heard.


That’s why Earth Hour is so vital – it gives a powerful voice to people everywhere who want to put the world on the path to recovery.  In the UK, every year millions of us take part in Earth Hour. By making pledges to help our planet, and by being part of a movement of hundreds of millions more around the globe, we can show we’re fighting for our world.


Beach Clean

Barry Action for Nature are holding a torch-lit beach clean at 8.00pm at Barry Island. To show their support for Earth Hour, at 8:30pm they will symbolically turn off their hired beach hut light and serve Fairtrade tea and coffee with Welsh cake. 


Cost: £2.00 - All funds raised will be donated to WWF.