Windsor Road /Plassey Street Improvement Scheme.

Traffic management will be in place for construction works as part of the Windsor Road/Plassey Street Improvement Scheme.


From Monday 07 October 2019 for approximately 21 weeks


The scheme has been funded by Section 106 monies received from the developer of Penarth Heights for off-site highway improvements and sustainable transport.

The aim of the scheme is to provide infrastructure improvements to promote pedestrian and cycle movements in and around the junction of Windsor Road/Plassey Street.





Works include:

  • Improvement to the existing roundabout by realigning the kerb-line, this will create increased deflection for motorist utilising the roundabout, therefore reducing speeds of approaching vehicles.

  • Creation of rain gardens, planting areas and paving which will also provide a sustainable surface water drainage system.

  • Two new toucan crossings on the Plassey Street and Windsor Road arms of the junction, providing improved pedestrian and cycle facilities.

  • Further east on Plassey Street - Construction of rain gardens to replace existing junction build-outs which will assist with surface water drainage and ensure a more aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

  • New railings to define the boundary between Windsor Road and Dingle Park.

  • Entranceway into the park off the Windsor Road/Plassey Street roundabout junction will be enhanced with a new artistically designed feature. In order to accommodate these works, work to the embankment inside Dingle Park will be necessary.



Unfortunately, due to the nature of the works and the traffic management required a certain amount of disruption is unavoidable, however please be assured that every effort will be made to keep any disruption to a minimum.