Residents urged to report use of off-road vehicles

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has backed a plea made by the Safer Vale Partnership for residents to report instances of off-road vehicles being used in the community.


  • Wednesday, 04 September 2019

    Vale of Glamorgan

Off-road vehicles banner sizeThis follows a number of complaints regarding the use of off-road bikes and quad bikes, with particular concern for young children sat on the laps of drivers. 

The Partnership reminds residents that the following vehicles are generally classified as not suitable for use on roads or pavements: Quad bikes, electric scooters, small machines that have a petrol engine, mini motors and go peds that are powered by an electric motor. Most do not meet the strict road safety standards that are required for any motorised vehicle to drive on the public highway.


Motor bikes are not suitable for use on pavements. 


The size and the speed of the bike (including those that are designed for children) are not exemptions from traffic laws. Furthermore, bikes can only carry passengers if it has been designed to do so and has the correct number of seats to accommodate both driver and passengers.  It is an offence for the driver to have a child or passenger either on their lap, or behind them whilst driving.


If residents witness improper use of vehicles, they are urged to:


  • Inform the partnership if there is a problem with nuisance or illegal use of vehicles.

  • Report details of times, days and locations of incidents of anti-social behaviour.

  • Provide information of where motorcycles are stored, or vehicles used to transport them.

  • Provide as much detail as possible. E.g. descriptions of the vehicles involved, including registration numbers, descriptions of the culprit and clothing.

  • Assist in identifying suspected owners of motorcycles, quad bikes, go-peds and cars.

  • Provide a statement if necessary.


“As this is a problem which takes place within the community, we are calling on residents to come together to help tackle it. It is unsafe and irresponsible for the vehicles to be abused this way, with potentially devastating consequences. 

“With sufficient evidence and information, the partnership will be able to seize vehicles that are used in an anti-social manner and prosecute offenders under the relevant legislation.” - Eddie Williams, Cabinet Member Legal, Regulatory and Planning Services.

The Safer Vale Partnership is a partnership of representatives from the statutory sector, voluntary sector, local businesses and community groups. The Vale of Glamorgan Council, South Wales Police and South Wales Fire Service are all key partners.


If you have any information to report, please do so via:


If you have any concerns in relation to this or wish to report a crime or anti-social behaviour, please contact the Police on 101.