Council receives more than 10 million in Section 106 projects

Vale of Glamorgan Council received more than £10 million to spend on community projects during the last financial year.


  • Tuesday, 03 November 2020

    Vale of Glamorgan

This money was secured through Section 106 contributions, which are payments made by developers to mitigate the impacts of their proposals like new housing projects.
They can be used to improve public transport, walking or cycling routes, building play areas, providing educational facilities or be put to a range of other uses.
Recent projects delivered using these contributions include the popular new play area at Murchfield, Dinas Powys and public realm improvements at Plassey Street and Windsor Road, Penarth.

Cllr Lis Burnett, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet Member for Education and Regeneration, said: “We work hard to ensure any development in the Vale benefits the local community and an effective way to do this is through Section 106 contributions.
“Over the last few years, significant sums of money have been secured from developers to be put towards community uses.
“These have helped us build schools, refurbish play areas, upgrade transport links and complete a host of other projects.
“This work is ongoing and more money is set to be allocated to similar schemes in the near future.”