Enforcement in the Vale goes up a gear

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has bought a Civil Parking Enforcement Camera Car to assist enforcement officers in dealing with problem parking.


  • Friday, 11 September 2020

    Vale of Glamorgan

The camera car will identify parking offences including vehicles parked on School Keep Clear zones, Pedestrian Crossings, Clearways, Bus stop Clearways and Taxi ranks.


Currently, Civil Parking Enforcement Officers find it very difficult to enforce appropriate parking at schools and other problematic areas on foot.  


From 14th September until 5th October 2020, warning notices will be issued to any vehicle owners found to be in breach of parking regulations. This period will allow officers to test the car, designated routes and deal with any teething problems. Following this period, fixed penalty notices will be issued.


The Council has previously used a ‘Park Tidy’ campaign to encourage safe and lawful parking. It is anticipated that the use of a camera car will act as a further deterrent for dangerous parking and drop-off habits.


Cllr Peter King, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport has welcomed the use of the vehicle in addition to enforcement officers patrolling, saying:

‘We regularly receive reports of dangerous parking, particularly from schools and parents who are concerned about their children’s safety. It is hoped that the introduction of additional and more effective camera car patrols to these areas, therefore, will be welcomed. 


‘The majority of Vale residents are careful and considerate when parking. The use of the camera car and fixed penalty notices will hopefully deter the minority who cause problems from repeat offences.’ 

 Camera Enforcement Vehicle