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New 20MPH speed limits introduced to three Vale of Glamorgan villages

THE Vale of Glamorgan Council has introduced 20mph speed restrictions to three villages in an effort to improve safety and encourage active travel.


  • Friday, 30 July 2021

    Vale of Glamorgan

St Brides Major, Aberthin and Peterson-super-Ely have all seen the new lower limit brought in following widespread support for the move within the local communities. 


The scheme in St Brides is part of a Welsh Government pilot project designed to gather data on whether 20mph should be the new default lower speed setting across the Country. Peterson-super-Ely was also proposed for that project, but after not being selected to take part the Council opted to implement a 20mph zone itself. 


After difficulties installing a controlled pedestrian road crossing in Aberthin, reducing the speed limit in this way was considered the best way to manage traffic there. More than £100,000 of Welsh Government funding has been secured for the St Brides scheme. The works in Aberthin and Peterson-super-Ely will be funded from the Council's Neighbourhood services and Transport budget and Section 106 contributions. 

Cllr Peter King, Vale of Glamorgan Council Cabinet member for Neighbourhood Services and Transport, said: “I know how much the local communities concerned wanted these zones to be implemented so I’m delighted we have been able to deliver them.

“Not only will the schemes make villages safer by slowing cars down, we hope they will also encourage active travel by creating a more attractive environment for walking and cycling.” 


Cllr Stewart Edwards, Ward Member for St Brides Major, said: “With shops, a post office and pub on the main road, as well as a primary school and other amenities elsewhere in the village, we believe 20mph is an appropriate speed limit for St Brides and one that should make the village safer.

“I’m proud to have played a part in this project, which had the full support of St Brides Community Council, St Brides School, Keep St Brides safe Group, local businesses and residents.


“The scheme is already operational and I’d like to thank Council officers for implementing it so quickly.”

Vale Councillor Hunter Jarvie, who represents the Cowbridge ward, said: "Reducing speed limits makes our roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike.

“Studies have also shown that 20mph schemes help to encourage active travel by increasing walking and cycling, activities that can have a very positive impact on individuals health and reduce congestion, carbon emissions and generally improve the local environment.

“I am very pleased that Aberthin will be one of the areas of the Vale piloting 20mph limits and look forward to seeing the results."

Cllr Michael Morgan, councillor for Peterson-super-Ely, said: “I am very pleased that the 20mph trial limit is to be introduced through Peterston-super-Ely. Our community Council and school have campaigned for this for some time.

“The new limit will help drivers be more aware of their surroundings and make life safer for everyone – particularly our children and older residents.

“I hope that he limits can eventually be introduced in all our Vale Villages and residential areas.”