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Vale Libraries to reintroduce library fines after a 3 year suspension

Following the lift of library fines during the Covid-19 pandemic, The Vale of Glamorgan Council is reintroducing the system to encourage library users to return items.


  • Thursday, 25 May 2023

    Vale of Glamorgan

In April 2023, new fees and charges were rolled out across Vale libraries which will see small fines issued when items are not returned on time.


As of May 2023, outstanding charges on all accounts have been cleared, and the new system will apply to items not returned on time after 05 June. Library items can be renewed or returned on the Vale of Glamorgan website, through the PORI app, in person or by phone.


All Vale Library members are also entitled to free and instant access to a large range of eBooks, audiobooks, digital magazines and newspapers, all of which can be accessed via the Vale of Glamorgan website.


A spokesperson on behalf of the Vale Libraries, said:“Last year we welcomed total 277,014 people at libraries across the county- these figures are representative of how vital our services are to local communities.


“The new charges will help mitigate rising costs and prompt people to return items that others may want to use.


“Open to people of all ages, our libraries offer a friendly, welcoming space and offer fantastic facilities and a range of free services that support our communities.”


Details on Library fees and charges are available on the Vale of Glamorgan website: