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Supporting Communities Throughout the Vale

We are a team dedicated to supporting communities, we can help you to work with your local residents and organisations to determine your priorities, make action plans, and seek funding.

Our focus will always be on regeneration, co-production, collaboration and innovation, driven by communities. We champion community led local development, and are here to guide you, not do things for you! All successful community initiatives are driven by the people who live and work in your area, we just help you to focus on where to start and how.


Community Mapping

A good place to start is with Community Mapping. This process involves getting people to talk about what already exists in terms of social assets (individuals, community groups and organisations) and physical assets (eg. community centres, open spaces and businesses) and what really matters to the community. This will help identify the community’s capacities and assets and plan for future provision.


Community Mapping Toolkit


Community Funding

There are many funding opportunities for communities, depending on the scale and objectives. We can help you to explore the right funding for you. In the meantime, you could take a look a just a couple of funds that the council operates.


Strong Communities Grant  Shared Prosperity Fund