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The Licensing Section is responsible for the licensing of a wide variety of activities, events and services, most of which we encounter during our day-to-day life.








Poison Licences

As part of the drive to reduce red tape on business, this requirement for Part 2 Poisons has been abolished from 1 April 2015.


Therefore the Vale of Glamorgan Council no longer licence retailers to sell Part 2 poisons. This is now dealt with by the Home Office.


TheHome Office website will direct you to the licence application page for Part 2 poisons.  



Committee and Consultation

The Licensing staff deal with a high volume of applications, some of which need to be determined by the Council's Licensing Committee.


Many of the application forms received by the section require consultation that is undertaken by both internal and external stakeholders e.g. the Planning Department and/or Police and Fire Authorities.


Consultation is a key factor to many of the licences that are issued. This includes consultation being undertaken by affected parties such as Licensees and Taxi Drivers. Consultation with the trade is regarded as an important part of delivering a quality service. Therefore, officers of the section regularly meet with representatives from the Taxi Trade and Licensees through forums such as the Taxi Association and Pubwatch.



Enforcement and Investigation


Our aim is to achieve a high standard of public safety, animal welfare and to prevent nuisance. To ensure that this happens, we impose conditions/restrictions on licence holders, which we enforce by inspection and investigation of complaints.


Regular visits and inspections are carried out of all licensed premises, including premises licensed for animal welfare purposes.  These are often carried out with other stakeholders such as Environmental Health Officers and an authorised veterinary surgeon.


Enforcement is considered a valuable tool to officers to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation. It is however, used as a last resort. Licensing Officers ensure adequate information is available to all licence holders to ensure compliance can be achieved.


Officers in the Licensing Section have many roles; one important role is that of investigating customer complaints. Complaints received are wide ranging due to the number of different types of licences dealt with by the section. Staff aim to issue advice and take any necessary appropriate action.


Free impartial advice is available regarding any of the licences dealt with by the Licensing Section.


Our Service Aim is to enhance and protect the health, safety, economic welfare and environment of residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the Vale of Glamorgan.


If you have any comments, complaints or suggestions about the quality of the service we provide please contact the Principal Licensing Officer.


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