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Chaperone Licences

The issuing of licences is regulated under the Children Young Person Act 1933/63 and the Children (Performances and Activities) (Wales) Regulations 2015.


It is a legal requirement that children engaged in public performances, working in TV, film, paid modelling or sporting activities, under a licence issued by the local authority, must be supervised by a council-approved chaperone, unless they are in the care of their parent, legal guardian or, in certain circumstances, a teacher.


A chaperone's first duty is to the child in their care. They are responsible for safeguarding, supporting and promoting the wellbeing of the child, and must not engage in any activity that would interfere with their duties.

Chaperones must remain with the child at all times and have sight of the child when they are on stage, set or performing. The precise duties whilst the child is at the place of performance or activity will vary depending on the type of performance or activity. However, their main duties are to ensure that the child / children are properly supervised when not performing and have adequate meals, rest and recreation. Chaperones must also ensure that suitable changing facilities are arranged by the company or venues, with separate changing rooms for boys and girls over five.

A chaperone can supervise up to 12 children. However, due to the demands of the performance, or the ages, gender or special needs of the children, the Local Authority may decide that a chaperone may only be responsible for a smaller number of children to ensure they are safeguarded appropriately.  


The chaperone registration process in the Vale of Glamorgan includes the following:


Registering as a Chaperone

Application for a Chaperone Licence must be made to the Local Authority in which you live. 


Application forms are available on request from or for download from this webpage.


To become a chaperone, you will need:


  1. To complete an application form.
  2. To be trained (i.e. to have completed the face-to-face training via Cardiff Council) - they offer a rolling programme of training dates throughout the year.
  3. If you have done this training in the past but it was more than 3 years ago, you need to have completed the online refresher course ‘Protecting children in entertainment training for chaperones’ offered by the NSPCC (you will have to send in a copy of the certificate when you have completed it).
  4. To have passed an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check for working with children (you will have to send in a copy of the certificate).
  5. To have supplied two references confirming your suitability for this post.
  6. To have paid the associated fees.
  7. As part of the application process, you will need to attend an interview.

Once issued, your licence and ID badge are valid for 3 years or until your training / DBS expires if either is sooner than 3 years. 


Regulations and Guidance Documents




Further information about being a chaperone can be found on the National Network for Child Employment and Entertainment website​.


For further information contact Mr. G.Horler, Licensing and Data Officer Inclusion Department.