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Premises Licence Annual Fee

If you hold a Premises Licence, you will be required to pay an annual maintenance fee to the council. This is a requirement set by the Licensing Act 2003. 




Licensing Team, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Civic Office, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU


The fee is payable each year on the anniversary of the date the licence was initially granted.


It is based on the rateable value of the premises. The fees are set by the government and not by Vale of Glamorgan Council. The onus to pay the fee lies with the licence holder and there is no requirement for councils to issue reminders or produce invoices.


The fee is payable irrespective of whether the holder of the current licence intends to close the business at some point during the coming year. If you have recently become the licence holder, you will still be required to pay this fee.


Councils do not have any discretion under the Act to waive or reduce the fee.


The 2003 Act requires a licensing authority to suspend a premises licence if the annual fee is not paid when it is due.


However, this does not apply immediately if the payment was not made before or at the time of the due date because of an administrative error, or because the holder disputed liability for the fee before or at the time of the due date. In either of these cases, there is a grace period of 21 days. This period is intended to allow the licensing authority and the licence or certificate holder an opportunity to resolve the dispute or error. If the dispute or error is not resolved during this 21- day period, the licence will be suspended.




premises fees

Rateable value (£)


Fee (£)

Up to 4,300



4,301 - 33,000



33,001 - 87,000



87,001 - 125,000



125,001 and above



To pay your annual fee you must provide your premises licence number. This can be found:

  • on your premises licence
  • on the annual fee reminder letter
  • can be obtained from Licensing on 01446 709105
  • by searching the public register


Payment can be made via the telephone 8.00am to 6.00pm weekdays:

  • 01446 709105


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