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Town Hall, King Square, Barry, CF63 4RW (via library)


Art Central gallery is located in the heart of the county. The exhibition space is a magnificent place to exhibit, visit and appreciate art.


It is a light, flexible and welcoming space. Art Central’s programme includes a varied selection of art by artists, community groups, arts organisations and touring exhibitions. FREE admission 



NO WORD exhibition posterNO WORD

A Solo Exhibition by Artist Lianne Morgan


No Word is the first solo exhibition, at Art Central Gallery, in Barry, of work by multidisciplinary artist Lianne Morgan. Spanning creative activity over the past decade, the show includes a body of brand-new work. It will open on Saturday 6 July, from 1pm – 3pm where visitors will be able to meet and speak with the artist.


No Word aims to challenge traditional notions of communication, using creativity to convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas, without relying on spoken language.


Formerly a singer, in 2010 Lianne began to experience a condition that has affected her vocal cords, “The condition sometimes makes it painful and difficult to speak”, she says.   Using a wide variety of media and processes, including painting, screen printing, sculpture, digital art, collage, and visual and sound installations, Lianne recreates the transfer of connection and communication within the environment and each other. Creatively exploring connections beyond learnt language, the artworks range from vibrant patterns to gestural abstractions, aiming to provide a multi-sensory experience and to evoke a sense of oneness and universal connection.


Lianne says: “Through the loss of my voice, I began to experience Synaesthesia, a condition in which someone experiences things through their senses in an unusual way; for me, it was music and sound as colour. Through this experience, I became aware that inaudible and nonverbal communication is taking place in the spaces around us and within us. Most are unaware that this is happening.”


Using digital software, Lianne explores the deconstruction and transference of sound, creating visual works from sound and sound from visual activity. She observes, “The universal source of communication is frequency… Frequencies are constantly being emitted through our environments and our cellular structures. Atoms and cells all hold their individual sonic signatures that create constant oscillation, chaos, and order”.


Her experience has led Lianne to research and identify scientific-based evidence in relation to Synesthesia. She’s identified several scientists, who have explored this phenomenon through the fields of Acoustic Physics, Nanotechnology, Biophysics, and Sonocytology (the study of the frequency output of cells) by Dr. Paul Thomas, Hans Jenny, John Stuart Reid, Ernst Chladni, and the work of Artist Anne Niemetz and scientist Andrew Pelling. 


The Condition has inspired her to study the languages of communication. To develop this work Lianne successfully received financial support from the Arts Council of Wales.


In collaboration the artist has created a new body of work No Word - Heart with David John Roche, Musician and Composer; Anushiye Yarnell - Movement Artist, Dancer and Choreographer; Jason Charles Rogers - Composer, Bassist, and Stephen Roberts - Videographer, Photography and Virtual Reality. Experimental workshops were led by Lianne and held at Coed Hills Rural Art Space Vale of Glamorgan and Elysium Gallery, Swansea. The workshops enabled the artist to explore different experiences through music dance and film, using voice and mark making. The results of these collaborations are experimental, responsive performances, paint on canvas, screen prints, digital art, sculptures, and sound and visual installations.


Cllr Rhiannon Birch, Cabinet Member for Education, Arts and the Welsh Language, said: “Lianne’s ability to see colour from sound and music is unusual.  This invisible communication between us suggests a totally different world from the way we ordinarily see one another. This talent has allowed the artist to explore shape, colour, form and challenged her to recreate what she can so we see the connections. A very clever and interesting concept.”


Come and visit Art Central and experience the artist’s thought-provoking work. Immerse yourself in a magical, captivating environment where art, music, movement, connection, and communication come together to create a truly fascinating and memorable experience.


This project is supported with funding from the Arts Council of Wales. With thanks to Cheryl Beer, Artistic Mentor and Emily Bull, Development Mentor, Arts Central Gallery and the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Arts Service.


The exhibition will be open daily until Saturday 10 August 2024 (Closed Sundays).



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