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An exciting opportunity to seek, link with and contact Artists working regionally in a variety of different mediums.   


Artist Exchange is part of Arts Connect, an Art Development partnership between the Vale of Glamorgan, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Merthyr Tydfil and Bridgend local authority areas. It provides the opportunity to connect, promote, share and celebrate your art practices both locally and regionally and further afield.


Artist Exchange organises networking seminars where artists can present their work to each other and catch up on topical, local and national arts practices, news and issues!


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If you are interested in joining the Artist Exchange please complete an application and return, with an image of yourself or your work, to:




ADDO Creative Arts Consultancy Logo


Curators / Arts Consultancy, specialising in art in the public realm

Addo is a not-for-profit arts organisation that offers Curatorial, Consultancy and Project Management Services towards the delivery of innovative contemporary art in the public realm. Addo has two offices, one in Rhondda Cynon Taff and the other in Wrexham.


The organisation has a dynamic and established practice of initiating, commissioning and producing a broad range of public art projects, with and on behalf of artists, community groups, voluntary organisations, and private and public sectors partners.


Barry Island Beach

Barbara Archdale-Smith


Barbara Has a commercial photography gallery ‘PhotoArt’ which is located at 85 High Street, Barry, CF62 7DX.

Barbara is a member of her local Barry camera club, which keeps her actively interested and involved in photography. She has had numerous images accepted for display in the Welsh Photographic Federation's (WPF) Salon of Photography and won many club monthly and annual competitions.


Blue Sphere

Paul Baker

Ceramic Artist 

Baker attempts to work outside the norm of the established potter. He takes clay as a material to its limits, and is currently developing the form through 3D design, then through the wheel. Decoration is being devised through Photoshop, in the 3D element, to fit the thrown and manipulated form.


Andy Cragg

Abstract Painter


Andy Cragg paints abstract works, mainly in a landscape form, using acrylics.  Cragg likes to let the paint decide what the final result will be, applying paint direct from the tube and using large brushes and a roller to create textures as the paint dries.


Professor Tony Curtis

Professor Tony Curtis

Poet, Fiction Writer, Critic in the fields of literature and visual art, Art Curator, Playwright, Lecturer


Professor Tony Curtis has over thirty books published, including eight collections of poetry.

He is an Emeritus Professor of Poetry at the University of South Wales, where he established and ran Creative writing up to post-graduate level for over twenty-five years. He is currently touring a Dylan Thomas Centenary talk titled “ My Life with Dylan Thomas” and curating a related art exhibition in Carmarthen and Barry.

Nick Davies

Nick Davies


Llantwit Major


Davies’ art practice is informed by nature and it is her aim to look at re-integrating nature into art through capturing the energy and rhythm of the natural world.
Reflection in water and the interpretation of 'Reflection' has been the focus for her MA Arts Practice Degree (Fine Art), at the University of South Wales from 2013 - 2015. Coming from a structured background of painting, during the course of her study, Davies has had the opportunity to explore working with different media, which has provided a greater insight into future art practice projects.

It is the artist’s intention to further explore the theme of reflection through creating a visual narrative of journeying through a physical landscape expressed through painting, hand cut lino embossings and printed film on glass.

Sarah Featherstone

Sarah Featherstone

Print maker, Painter, Writer


Sarah Featherstone works in an instinctual, abstract way, often engaging with the cycles of nature through the use of organic materials. She is interested in accessing the unconscious in different ways and often experiments with a form of ‘white writing’. This background text becomes a sort of inner dialogue flowing through and under the work, somehow directing and uniting it.


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Flight of the Imagination

Eve Hart

Painter, Ceramicist 


Eve Hart is particularly interested in the traces left behind by people, the particularities of specific places at specific times, and in the ordering of chance appearances. In recent times much of Hart’s work has been of an abstracted and sometimes symbolic nature; in all cases trying to heighten awareness – whether to the ordinary things of everyday life or to the inner life of the mind and imagination.



Bernard Heslin



Heslin uses oil paints on canvas to create large scale figurative paintings. The figures are alone with their thoughts and yet Heslin wants them to interact with the viewer, ‘despite some distortion the figure must have a believable presence’. He also creates black ink calligraphic drawings, acrylic paintings and in the past has made prints, etchings and linocuts. 



Hayley Huckson



Hayley Huckson is an oil painter based in the vale of Glamorgan. Her work has been described as 'soft and peaceful' regardless of the subject matter, with her house portraits proving to be most popular. Huckson enjoys painting everything and anything but her real passion is winter landscapes.



Axial Tilt

Dilys Jackson



Dilys Jackson lives in Cardiff, yet has travelled and worked in Europe, America, Canada, United Arab Emerates, Scandinavian and Australia.

Concepts for her work are inspired by forms of body, plant and land and with opposing tensions in form, size, materials and processes.


Monika Jones

Monika Jones

Painter, Potter, Ceramicist, Glass Artist


Jones has her own glass kiln, and creates dishes, bowls and jewellery in coloured and dichroic glass. She also makes hand built pots as well as cast and thrown items using a variety of clays and porcelain. As well as this, Jones also enjoys painting and is the Chair of Art Central Friends. 


Holiday Time

Bee Lilli



Bee Lilli studied jewellery-making in her twenties and became a garden designer in her 40s. By her 50s she was enjoying photography courses and now in her 60s she’s found her real passion – painting. Bee is a motivational and Law of Attraction coach and this shows up in the energy, exuberance and joy that springs from each canvas.

 Elaine Milford

Elaine Milford

Painter, Sculptor, Illustrator, Set-Designer and Writer.



Elaine Milford has been an artist for many years working primarily in sculpture and painting, as well as illustration, set-design and writing. She has lived and worked abroad for many years, including Macedonia, Slovenia, Prague, Venice, Turkey and France. Having recently moved back to the U.K, Milford is setting up a new enterprise called ‘Me Art Space’ with the intention of working with local artists to exhibit locally, nationally and internationally.




Artist exchange is an Arts Connect initiative to link artists within its four regions, Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend, Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil.