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The benefits



Ecosystem services

Wildflower meadows are rich, diverse ecosystems that are important for providing essential “ecosystem services”. They support dwindling populations of insect pollinators that are vital for pollinating our food crops. They also offer other key services such as natural pest control and the soils of healthy meadows act as large carbon sinks helping to mitigate climate change and boost other ecosystem services.



People’s physical, mental health and wellbeing

Access to nature on your doorstep is linked to cognitive benefits and improvements in mental and physical well-being. Evidence has shown that looking at a wildflower meadow for just 6 seconds can lower your blood pressure and make you feel happier!




Increased biodiversity

Wildflower meadows are one of our most important and biodiverse habitats in the UK. Species-rich grasslands can support a huge range of wildlife including wildflowers, fungi, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, bats and birds. A fifth of all priority species for conservation in UK are associated with grassland habitats


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