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Community Orchard

35 fruit trees were planted up by the Porthkerry rangers and members of the local community.


Map of PorthkerryThe Orchard is a mixture of half standard fruit trees, including apples, pears, gages and plums.


The orchard is open access to everyone walking through the park and once the trees have established all fruit will be available for the local community. The orchard will also help improve the biodiversity of the woodlands by providing food for birds, mammals and lots of insects. The funding for the orchard is thanks to a grant from the Natural Resources Wales. 


The rangers have also undertaken a project to rejuvenate and propagate old varieties of fruit trees.


Cuttings were taken from old apple and pear trees which were growing in the park, and from trees growing in gardens and farms around the park.


The cuttings were then grafted onto rootstock to create a new tree for the orchard and other areas of the park. The grafting process was undertaken by a local welsh nursery.