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Highway drainage helps prevent flooding, severe ponding and keeps the carriageway free of standing water


Highway drainage systems are installed to capture surface water, this helps:

  • Alleviate flooding
  • Protect the integrity and fabric of the road
  • Assist with the safety of road users

It is our responsibility to oversee all matters relating to highway drainage within the Vale and to provide information and advice to you and other members of the public.


Please note: All drainage systems have a maximum core capacity for the transportation of rainwater. No system can give absolute protection from flooding events.


Drainage Responsibilities


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water - Public (main) sewer system (both foul and surface water)


Householder - Individual property connections to the public sewer are usually the responsibility of the householder (unless the property is Council owned)


Natural Resources Wales - Main rivers


Vale of Glamorgan Council - Highway drainage is the responsibility of us at the Council.


Drainage improvements are prioritised by:

  • Flooding to buildings
  • Public complaints
  • Available funding
  • Flooding or ponding on the highway presenting a hazard to road users
  • Seepage of water or water crossing the highway on bends and gradients liable to cause danger to motorists or the formation of ice.

Report a Highway Drainage Problem

Report a draining problem using our online form

To report a highway drainage problem please complete our online form or contact Visible Services:



Report a Drainage Problem Online

Report Problems Relating to Sewerage

Report a sewage problem to Dŵr Cymru  Welsh Water

For problems relating to sewerage on the highway please contact Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water:


  • 0800 085 3968


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