Examples of Redeveloped Properties

The Welsh Government have provided the Vale of Glamorgan Council with funding to transform vacant properties into homes, across the Vale of Glamorgan. Interest-free loans are available through the Houses into Homes and Home Improvement Loan schemes.


Welsh Government launched the Houses into Homes scheme in April 2012 and the Home Improvement Loan scheme in April 2015.


In February 2018, the funding terms were amended and the loans were renamed. The Vale of Glamorgan Council now offers an Empty Property Landlord Loan for properties that require renovation work before being let or sold (This is similar to the previous Houses into Homes Scheme). Also, offered is an Empty Property Owner-Occupier Loan to enable property owners to occupy their own property that needs work.


In addition, an Owner - Occupier Loan is available to property owners who live in a property that requires work. 


Since the schemes have been in place, the Vale of Glamorgan Council has issued over £1,250,000 to loan applicants. This funding has resulted in empty properties being bought into use, which in turn has helped reach Welsh Governments targets.


Find examples below of long – term empty properties that have been transformed through housing loans facilitated by the Vale of Glamorgan Council.


A property on High Street, Penarth was empty for some time and during 2018/2019 it was transformed into a unique 2 bedroomed property having utilised housing loans funding.  The property was successfully let soon after the completion of works.

High Street, PenarthED

High Street, Penarth1ED

High Street, Penarth3ED

High Street, Penarth4ED

High Street, Penarth5ED

High Street, Penarth6ED


During 2018, a storage space on Salop Place, Penarth was converted into a 2 bedroomed dwelling using housing loans funding and has since been let and occupied.


Salop Place, PenarthED

Salop Place, Penarth2ED

Salop Place, Penarth4ED

Salop Place, Penarth3ED

Salop Place, Penarth5ED

Salop Place, Penarth6ED


A long-term empty bungalow on Ash Grove, Barry benefitted from renovation during 2017/2018 with housing loan funding. The property has been successfully let to a family since the completion of works.


Ash Grove, Barry ED

Ash Grove, Barry2ED

Ash Grove, Barry3ED

Ash Grove, Barry4ED

Ash Grove, Barry5ED

Ash Grove, Barry6ED


In 2017, a renovation project commenced on a bungalow on Laura Street, Barry that had been empty for 5 years. A housing loan was required to complete the works. Since the completion of the work in 2018, the property has been occupied by a family of 4.


Laura St, Barry5ED

Laura St, Barry4ED

Laura St, Barry6ED

Laura St, Barry2ED

Laura St, Barry3ED

Laura St, BarryED


An empty property that had previously been used as a commercial unit and 1 residential unit on Holton Road, Barry but had been empty for 5 years, was converted in 2018 to 4 residential units and to upgrade the commercial space. Housing loans funding was used for the renovation of the residential units. This provides affordable housing and all units have since been occupied.


Holton Road, BarryED

Holton Road, Barry2ED

Holton Road, Barry6ED

Holton Road, Barry4ED

Holton Road, Barry5ED

Holton Road, Barry3ED


The Old Fire Station, Court Road, Barry. This derelict building was empty for a number of years, but has now been transformed into 7 apartments and a coach house.  


Old fire station

Old Fire Station

Old Fire Station

Old Fire Station

Old Fire Station

Old Fire Station

Long term empty flats above a redundant commercial premises on Holton Road, Barry. With the help of a Houses into Homes loan, this property has now been converted into 5 flats.   


Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

Holton Road

With the help from a Houses into Homes loan, this empty property on Winston Road, Barry has been converted into two flats.


Winston Road

Winston Road

Winston Road

 Winston Road

 Winston Road

 Winston Road

Office units on Stanwell Road, Penarth which were no longer in use have been converted into three flats with assistance from the loan scheme. 


Stanwell Road

Stanwell Road

Stanwell Road

Stanwell Road

Stanwell Road

Stanwell Road

With help from the Houses into Homes scheme, the owner of this empty property on Broad Street has undertaken a full renovation of 3 flats. 


Broad Street 006

Broad Street 005

Broad Street 007

Broad Street 003


Broad Street 001

Broad Street 004



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