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Role and Responsibility

Information about the role and responsibility of the Mayor of the Vale of Glamorgan Council


The Mayor must be an elected member of the Council. They are elected into office at the Annual Meeting of the Council in May and their year of office runs to May of the following year. 


The Mayor and Mayoress wear their chains of office when they attend functions on behalf of the Council.


The procedural role of the Mayor is to preside over the principal meetings of the Council that are held four times a year. If he is not present at any meeting of the Council, then the Deputy Mayor has to preside. The duties of the Mayor at Council meetings are set out in the Local Government Act 1972 and include the requirement to use a second or casting vote when necessary.


The Mayor also has a ceremonial role where he acts as an ambassador for the Council. He represents the Council at:

  • Civic ceremonies
  • Royal visits
  • Events in relation to our twin towns – Mouscron in Belgium; Fecamp in France and Rheinfelden in Germany
  • Events for charitable / voluntary organisations
  • Events that recognise the achievements of Vale of Glamorgan council staff and residents
  • Receptions and functions at the Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall and the Civic Office in Barry for special occasions and for visitors to the Vale of Glamorgan

The role of the Mayoress / Consort is to support the Mayor during his / her year of office. It is usual practice for the Mayoress / Consort to be accorded precedence alongside the Mayor.


A Deputy Mayor is elected into office at the same time and also holds office for one year. He/she will deputise for the Mayor when necessary. The Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress / Consort wear their chains of office when representing the Mayor.


In the absence of the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor is entitled to the Mayor's right of precedence within the district, although the Deputy Mayor does not have the right to wear the robes. Invitations to a function should not be sent to a Deputy Mayor. The Deputy Mayor should not attend functions in his/her own right but only when deputising for the Mayor. All invitations should be sent for consideration to the Mayor as First Citizen.


If the Mayor cannot attend and if appropriate, the Mayor may pass on the invitation. The Deputy Mayor only wears his chain of office when deputising for the Mayor, apart from attendance at Council meetings.