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Corporate Plan

The Vale of Glamorgan Corporate Plan 2020-2025.


The Vale of Glamorgan is a diverse area comprising of very different communities with different aspirations, needs and concerns. This Plan sets out how the Council will work to meet those needs, address concerns and help people of all ages to achieve their aspirations. 


The Council provides a multitude of services, ranging from education to environmental protection, housing and the issuing of birth certificates, to planning and highways maintenance. We recognise how important these services are to the people of the Vale of Glamorgan. 


In line with our duties under the Well-being of Future Generations Act we are committed to looking much more to the long term and will work hard to leave a sustainable legacy for our future generations. We will focus on taking preventative actions and involve you in what we do, while listening to your ideas, views and concerns. We will continue to work in partnership, recognising the benefits this brings and the importance of joining up services around peoples’ needs.


In this plan we present four new well-being objectives that we believe complement each other and collectively will contribute towards the seven national well-being goals. This Plan sets out why we have chosen these objectives and how we will achieve them.


Our four new well-being objectives are: 

  • To work with and for our communities

  • To support learning, employment and sustainable economic growth

  • To support people at home and in their community 

  • To respect, enhance and enjoy our environment


Further detail on how we will work to deliver our vision for the Vale of Glamorgan of Strong Communities with a bright future is available in the full plan below: