Corporate Plan

The Corporate Plan sets out how the Council will achieve its vision for the Vale of Glamorgan 'strong communities with a bright future'. Our vision will help guide us in how we plan, deliver and review services.


The corporate plan also shows how we contribute to the Well-being Goals for Wales, introduced by the Well-Being of Future Generations Act (2015).


Find out more about the Council's vision and how we will be improving life in the Vale by watching our short animation about the work of the Council 







The Plan describes the four Well-being outcomes we want to deliver for our citizens. Each outcome has two objectives and a series of actions that we'll take to deliver the outcome. The well-being outcomes we want to deliver are: 


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Inclusive and Safe

 Aspirational and Culturally Vibrant


CP objective



Active and Healthy




The plan details the activities the Council will undertake to ensure the best possible outlook for our citizens and communities and how we will work with partners and the local community to deliver these outcomes and our eight well-being objectives. 


Delivering the plan is underpinned by our Council's values which are ambitious, open, together and proud. These values describe our professional behaviours in how we approach our work, deal with each other and our service users.  




It has been developed alongside other plans such as the Council's Medium Term Financial Plan and takes account of likely future and a wide range of information regarding the needs of the local population and demand for services.


We have consulted on and agreed an ambitious programme for the next four years and our well-being objectives have been chosen because they reflect what the Council is working to achieve. They will address immediate issues as well as having longer term benefits. 


In delivering these objectives we will contribute to the national well-being goals and ensure that the needs of people of all ages and future generations are at the forefront of service delivery.


Our eight Well-being objectives are:

  • Reducing poverty and social exclusion
  • Providing decent homes and safe communities
  • Promoting regeneration, economic growth and employment
  • Promoting sustainable development and protecting our environment
  • Raising overall standards of achivement
  • Valuing culture and diversity
  • Encouraging and promoting active and healthy lifestyles
  • Safeguarding those who are vulnerable and promoting independent living


Many of the activities included in the Corporate Plan will be delivered over a number of years and the plan provides a framework for service plans which set out year on year the activities that will be undertaken to achieve these objectives. Monitoring of the actions will provide the foundations for an annual progress report on the Corporate Plan which will detail the outcomes achieved.