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Welsh Language Standards

The Council has implemented three Welsh Language Schemes during the last 10 years and is committed to continuing to provide a comprehensive service to Welsh speakers in the area. 


As a result of the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011, the Welsh Language Commissioner has issued a legal Compliance Notice to all Councils. Our notice specifies how we must provide and improve services for Welsh speakers.


Compliance Notice

The compliance notice outlines the standards with which the Council must comply.


Action Plan

This sets out how the Council will comply with the Standards.


Promotion Strategy

The Council has produced a 5 year strategy to promote the use of the Welsh language in the Vale.



Monitoring Arrangements

The action plans relating to the compliance implementation and to the Promotion Strategy are both reviewed on a monthly basis and an Annual Monitoring Report is produced for the Welsh Language Commissioner.

Complaints Procedure

Any member of the public who has a query or a complaint is welcome to contact Elyn Hannah or Hannah Rapa in the first instance. Contact details below.







  •  Website
     This website has a Welsh version:
  • Contact Centre (C1V)

    We offer a Welsh-language call centre service which can deal with the majority of your enquires in Welsh immediately, without having to transfer you to various departments.


    There is one number to call: 01446 700111 and Welsh speakers can press 1 to get through to a Welsh-speaking representative.

  •  Publications
    Guidance has also been issued to our staff on the translation of publications into Welsh in the form of our Welsh Language Publication Guide.
  •  Social Media

    We share news and updates via Facebook and Twitter. We have English and Welsh versions for both social media sites.


    Facebook: Cyngor Bro Morgannwg




Annual Monitoring Reports

Annual monitoring reports on our previous Welsh Language Scheme are listed below:


We welcome comments from residents on any element of our Welsh language services:


Elyn Hannah, Equality and Welsh Language Officer

Hannah Rapa, Communications Officer