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The Vale of Glamorgan Council became part of the Work Welsh scheme in 2022.

Learn Welsh the Vale, part of Adult Community Learning in the Learning and Skills Directorate, has appointed a Work Welsh Co-ordinator who is available to train, advise and support all Welsh speakers and learners who work for the Vale.  This scheme supports staff to learn Welsh and encourages the greater use of Welsh in the workplace.

We offer a variety of flexible learning options, financed entirely by the National Centre for Learning Welsh on behalf of Welsh Government, including taster sessions, self-study on-line, tutor-led courses and a range of informal opportunities to practise and use your Welsh.  The Work Welsh courses are taught during working hours and form part of your working week. 


The Vale of Glamorgan Council has always encouraged staff members to learn Welsh and has previously funded the learning through agreement with Learn Welsh the Vale. Find out how people have found the scheme:


  • Sian

    I began learning Welsh just before the pandemic and I was grateful for the learning and companionship throughout lockdown. It was a constant and something fun and stimulating to look forward to each week. 


    Since starting to learn Welsh I have broadened my horizons by watching Welsh TV programmes and attending Welsh language festivals and events. I have been able to read books and help my son with his Welsh homework which was my main reason for signing up but an unexpected and deep sense of patriotism alongside new friendships has confirmed to me that my decision to learn Welsh was right. I recommend it to anyone.


  • Carol

    To learn Welsh had always been on my bucket list and so when work was offering lunchtime taster sessions I went along to see if it was for me. The staff were really friendly and inviting and the sessions relaxed. On completion, all who attended were offered the opportunity to move to the next stage and attend weekly Welsh lessons. I decided to take up the offer and am still doing so 6 years later.


    Many who attended the taster sessions are still on the same journey as myself and we all provide great support to one another. The lessons are always relaxed and fun, and we are able to progress at our own pace. Our tutor understands that people often have very busy home and work commitments and is always available to provide additional support if needed.


    The council are completely supportive to Welsh learners, not only funding the classes but also allowing staff to incorporate the lessons into their working week.So basically if you’re proud to be Welsh and want to learn your mother tongue – there’s no excuse!  

  • Chris

    It is important for people who work in the Council as many people can only communicate their needs effectively through the medium of Welsh. For many Welsh speakers, being able to use your own language must be seen as a core element, not an optional extra.


    The Welsh language is a key part of the region's culture and identity, as it is the main language spoken in some of our communities, as well as having a significant presence in many workplaces, learning institutions, and around the streets of our towns and our villages.


    Being multilingual can help improve thinking, learning ability and may reduce mental decline with age. It is important for governments to encourage the learning of languages ​​such as Welsh as it is beneficial for health. The best thing for me about learning Welsh is having conversations with people on the street or in shops - being able to speak Welsh in the community.

  • Annabel

    I was made welcome by both Sarian and the learners and felt part of the class from the very beginning. Originally the class would meet term time 4 till 6pm at Palmerston but moved on line via Zoom when the Covid pandemic hit. I have to be honest, the online class was a bit of a godsend during the pandemic as I had moved to home working and felt very isolated and began to look forward to the weekly online class, a little bit of normality during strange times.


    I have always felt very supported by the tutor and cannot thank Sarian enough for her support and belief which has enabled me to develop my Welsh language skills and my confidence continues to grow. I definitely made the right decision when I chose to start learning Welsh, not just for work opportunities and because my grandchildren attend the Welsh school, but for my own personal development and achievement.


    I now have a great group of friends through the class and still enjoy attending the classes and will continue to do so, if anyone is in two minds about taking up the language I strongly recommend taking the plunge, best decision I made. 

  • Paula

    I was inspired to start learning Welsh following a visit to one of our new Welsh medium schools. The reception class (most of whom were from English speaking backgrounds) were already chatting away in Welsh and sang the National anthem for me. I felt embarrassed that I could not join in!


    I decided to start an entry level class with Learn Welsh in the Vale. Learning in the classroom was great fun and continued to be really enjoyable when we moved on line during the pandemic. I have met lots of new people and have got to know other colleagues from across the Council. I have found the tutors to be very supportive and extremely patient, nothing is too much for them.


    I am now able to communicate better with a range of Welsh speaking colleagues and able to use Welsh more not only in work but in day to day life. There are lots of opportunities to get involved in events or to meet up informally for a chat outside of the classes. You can do as much or as little as you want and sitting exams is optional too.


    I am really looking forward to starting the next level in September, we always have a good laugh in our lessons and i find it’s a real de-stressor. Above all else, I can now sing the National Anthem with confidence and pride at the rugby internationals.  

Do you want to be one of the million Welsh speakers by 2050?  Whether you are a complete beginner, have done a little Welsh and would like to pick it up again or are a Welsh speaker and would like the opportunity to use / improve your Welsh, the Vale will help and support you.


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