Employee Benefits and Support

We recognise that our greatest asset is our workforce and we are keen to employ people who share and embrace our core values: 

Core Values: Ambitious, Open, Together, Proud

In choosing to work for us you will join an organisation which offers a comprehensive rewards package, open communication, strong leadership and a commitment to employee development.

Best performing Council in Wales for the third year running (Source: Local Data Unit)

We value a diverse workforce and we are working towards an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential.


Perfect Place to Live and Work

Set in the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan and just a short distance from the capital city of Cardiff, your work location offers a perfect place to live.


You will benefit from easy access to Cardiff Airport, major roads and a thriving public transport network, as well as beautiful countryside on your doorstep.

Vale of Glamorgan is officially the happiest place in Wales (Source: Wales on Sunday)

People living in the Vale of Glamorgan are some of the happiest in the UK, enjoying a high quality of life which includes high exam pass rates and a short commute to work.


We offer relocation assistance of up to £8,000, to help you move nearer to your new place of work (subject to eligibility). This covers specific removal and relocation costs, which can include removals; lodging or travelling allowance; disconnecting and reconnecting utilities; and certain professional fees e.g. estate agents and solicitors.


Relocation Scheme

Inclusiveness, Equality and Diversity

We aim to promote an inclusive culture for all staff.

So, we welcome you and your application whatever your background and regardless of: age; disability; gender identity; marriage or civil partnership; pregnancy or maternity; race, colour, and nationality (including citizenship) ethnic or national origins; religion and belief, including no belief; sex; and sexual orientation.

We have an LGBT+ and Allies Network for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other groups of sexual and gender minorities (LGBT+) staff.  It meets monthly to provide support, an opportunity to discuss issues which affect LGBT+ people, and to identify ways to raise awareness of LGBT+ issues.


We have signed the Time to Change Employer Pledge and are committed to change how we think and act about mental health in the workplace and make sure that employees who are facing these problems feel supported.   

We will soon be developing another group to promote an inclusive and diverse working environment for a wider range of staff.

We are a Stonewall Diversity Champion and a Disability Confident organisation.

 Equalities workplace logos

Pension Schemes

We offer membership to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) or Teachers Pension Scheme.


Local Government Pension Scheme

The Local Government Pension Scheme is a valuable part of the reward package for employees as its benefits are defined and guaranteed in law.  Your pension is worked out every year and added to your pension account.  Each year 1/49th of your pensionable pay is put into your pension account.  You also receive tax relief on the contributions that you pay plus you have the option when you draw your pension to exchange part of it for tax-free lump sum.


Local Government Pension Scheme 



Teachers' Pension Scheme

The Teachers’ Pension Scheme provides you with an income for your retirement which you can even take part of your pension as a tax free lump sum when you retire.  Both you and the Council pay contributions towards the cost of your pension.  Teachers’ Pensions also have an online portal where you can register and keep track of your pension and view and download your Benefit Statements.


Teachers' Pensions


Pension logos


Career Opportunities for Young People

The Council is continually looking at ways to improve the number of 16 -24 year olds through Apprenticeship and Graduate Opportunities.


Examples include apprenticeship opportunities in Building Control, Transport Fleet and ICT. These opportunities will be advertised on the Council’s vacancy bulletin.


A career guide from Local Government association that describes the work that Council’s do to encourage young people to think about a career in local government. It describes the important work that councils do within the places that young people live, work, learn, shop, socialise and exercise.


LGA Careers Guide

Family-walking-in-countryAnnual Leave Purchase Scheme 

Employees can choose to purchase either 5 or 10 days annual leave (pro rata for those who work part-time).

As part of a continued commitment to help employees to balance their work commitments with their home life, the Vale of Glamorgan operates a scheme allowing employees to purchase additional annual leave. 


Lady using a laptop

Flexible Work/Life Balance

We recognise the importance of a work and home life balance and offer a range of family friendly policies.

We provide IT equipment that supports agile working and enables working from home; subject to agreement from your line manager and the needs of the service.

Staff Charter and Staff Survey 

The annual staff survey helps us understand how staff feel the 20 expectations in the Staff Charter are being met and helps shape future staff engagement and support initiatives.


The Staff Charter was designed in partnership with employees, it was developed to ensure that we can continue to provide the best possible service to our customers through the best possible contribution from all our employees. As the external challenges grow it is important that everyone has the support and opportunity to make that contribution. 


An annual survey has been conducted year on year to measure levels of staff engagement and the effectiveness of the Council’s Staff Charter. Results of the 2017 survey revealed:

  • ‘I am trusted to get on with my job’ being the highest-ranking expectation at 92.5% positive rating

  • An increase in average ‘positive’ response rates in 15 out of 20 of the Staff Charter expectations

  • An increase in survey return rates from 48% in 57% when compared with the previous year


Work around engagement with staff will continue to be a high priority and the results will help to inform and shape the staff engagement priorities for future years.


Annual Staff Awards

A brand new and exciting Annual Employee Awards Event has been launched in 2018, one that celebrates and recognises the commitment and dedication of staff in the Vale of Glamorgan.


Six awards categories were considered: Innovation and Bright Idea Award, Customer Service/Contribution Award, Team of the Year Award, Worklife Achievement Award, Manager of the Year Award and Employee of the Year Award.


This event was a big success and going forward, the Awards team will be looking to continue this recognition initiative.

Training Session

Staff Appraisal and Development 

We are committed to training and career development, offering a rewarding and progressive career pathway that is open and equitable for all.


Informed by the employee engagement strategy, the Vale of Glamorgan’s annual appraisal scheme has been refreshed to make the process easier to use and more meaningful for all employees and, crucially part of the ongoing discussion between managers and staff. 


Leadership Café 

The Leadership Café encourages staff to take part in thought provoking discussions aimed at developing current managers and encouraging new ones.


We are extremely proud of our award winning Leadership Café which has introduced a new, informal way for current and aspiring leaders within the Vale of Glamorgan to network, share ideas and promote best practice. 


The Leadership Café welcomes current and future leaders from across the Council to attend monthly events in a friendly and relaxed setting. Every month there is an interesting presentation by a guest speaker or a current leader from within the Council.

Employee Assistance Programme

Our Employee Assistance Programme offers emotional and practical support for issues at work and at home. 


The services are available both online and through a Freephone number at any time, day or night. 

Support is available in a number of ways:

  • A telephone counselling service, providing advice, information and support 24/7, 365 days of the year (face-to-face counselling may also be provided following a clinical assessment)
  • Access to free and impartial information, advice and support, to help you find practical answers to real life questions. Common subjects include family and personal issues, finance/debt management, benefits, employment, childcare provision, health, writing wills and consumer matters
  • An online health and wellbeing service with a vast resource of regularly updated articles and information designed to help you manage a healthy lifestyle.
  • A website and mobile app which provides free interactive health and personal fitness support


Health and Wellbeing 

All workers are entitled to work in environments where risks to their health and safety are properly controlled. 


We have dedicated in-house services in relation to Occupational Health, Health & Safety and Manual Handling that provide support and assistance in relation to your health, safety and wellbeing.  Examples of such services include: sickness absence management, health surveillance, job specific training, policy development, risk assessment support, workplace assessments, accident investigations, fire risk assessments, health and safety audits, etc.


Car Loan Scheme

If you need to purchase a car, a competitive car loan scheme is available to all staff.


Free parking: Our office location benefits from a large car park with free parking and access to the local train station

Working Carers

Our carer policy includes a number of benefits for employees depending on the personal circumstances


This policy aims to address the needs of carers working for the Vale of Glamorgan Council. The Council aims to support employees with caring responsibilities and enable them to balance these effectively with their employment responsibilities.


Working Carers

Welsh Language

The Council is committed to promoting and facilitating the use of Welsh within the workplace and believes in a bilingual environment where Welsh language skills in work are both valued and actively encouraged.

The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 gives the Welsh language official status in Wales, which means that Welsh should be treated no less favourably than the English language. Furthermore, the measure created the Welsh language Commissioner who has the power to impose ‘standards’ on certain organisations which explain how they are expected to use the Welsh language. The Commissioner can also make provision under the measure to investigate breaches of standards or any interference with the freedom to use the Welsh language. Local Authorities in Wales and a number of Public bodies have a statutory duty to comply with Welsh language standards issued by the Welsh language commissioner.

We encourage all staff to use their Welsh language skills, and aim to provide support and opportunities for Welsh speakers and learners to use the language at work. In addition all staff are permitted to attend courses in work time and to have their fees paid by the Council.


In addition, we consider that it is vital when dealing with members of the public that the use of Welsh is welcomed and all correspondence issued is bilingual.  


Further Information

If you need further information about the Vale of Glamorgan Council, please contact us: