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Filming Requests 

In recent years the Vale has regularly been used for the filming of several top TV shows and films. If you're looking for a location for your production, we're sure you will find what you are looking for in the Vale.


We are a county of contrasts. Miles of dramatic coastline backed by rolling countryside. Small quaint Welsh villages, bustling market towns and large civic centres brimming with character and personality. We have Cardiff on our doorstep, and excellent transport links (road, rail and air) which makes for a great destination to use as a base for filming.  


You wont be the first to choose the Vale as the perfect destination for your film/tv production, here are just a few others:



©-Crown-copyright-2019-Wales-Screen-Britannia-at-Nash-PointImage Courtesy of Wales Screen


Courtesy-of-Lionsgate-CriminalImage Courtesy of Lionsgate

Decline and Fall

Courtesy-of-Tiger-Aspect-Decline-and-FallImage Courtesy of Tiger Aspect

Born to Kill

Courtesy-of-World-Productions-Born-to-KillImage Courtesy of World Productions


All photos supplied Crown Copyright Wales Screen. Thank you to Wales Screen for their use.


Filming Locations


Drone Footage

All requests that include the use of a drone for commercial purposes require permission by the Civil Aviation Authority, and will need to supply evidence of their licence before permission will be granted.


Please note that as of 13 March 2019, the drone flight restriction zone around airports and airfields has changed. This is particularly relevant to the Vale of Glamorgan due to both the Airport and St Athan airfield - Restricted flying areas.


A very useful website detailing for all information relating to the flying of drones is Drone Safe Uk.


The Drone Code is a useful document to keep you within operating guidelines - Drone Code


Drone operators (both commercial and non-commercial) require the permission of the landowner in advance of operating their drone. 


Filming Fees and Agreements

We're delighted that you are considering the Vale of Glamorgan for your filming requirements.

Once you have submitted your Enquiry Form you will be contacted by our team who will co-ordinate your enquiry across all departments within the Vale. 


Once the filming is agreed by both parties, and evidence of your Public Liability Insurance and Risk assessments received, a Vale of Glamorgan Filming Licence will be produced for you to sign and return. This documents will outline the basis on which the filming is permitted. This document must be signed prior to the commencement of filming.


Fees vary according to the Council property used as a location and any extra facilities required. There is also a fee for the preparation of a filming licence. Fees  are charged at a daily, half daily or hourly rate on a case by case basis. Please contact us to discuss the fees relevant to your enquiry.


Payment is required before filming commences, where time allows. The Council reserves the right to charge cancellation fees, to cover the cost of lost bookings.


The Council will:

  • Log the proposed filming to ensure, as far as possible, no conflicting use of the area

  • Provide, where possible, reasonable vehicular access and parking for filming/support vehicles

  • Provide assistance in locating a suitable site wherever possible



Please note: Fees are not charged for news reports and interviews or to students making films as part of their academic studies.


Make a Filming Request

If you already know what you want for your production, that's great. Simply complete the enquiry form below and we'll respond as soon as possible. 


By providing as much detail as you can in the first instance, we will be able to respond sooner with details as to the approval, costs, etc. 


Make a Filming Request


If you'd like a little more inspiration, take a look through the information below and hopefully you will find what you are looking for. If not, get in touch and we'll help you find that perfect location.