Vale residents asked to continue recycling efforts

The Vale of Glamorgan Council has introduced urgent changes to household recycling collections in a bid to tackle a growing problem with contamination.

  • Tuesday, 06 August 2019

    Vale of Glamorgan



 Contaminated recycling in the Vale

Though the vast majority of Vale residents are committed recyclers and have helped the Vale of Glamorgan become one of the top areas in Wales for recycling, a small but growing number have been putting non-recyclable items in with their recycling.


These items include soiled nappies, food waste and even cat litter, which results in entire lorry-loads of recycling being rejected at the processing centre and urgent action is needed to address this.


To combat the problem of contamination, recyclable waste will only be collected if it is placed in Council-issue bags or boxes. We are asking people to make the change as soon as they are able and for the complete change to be in place by the end of August


“Vale residents have made a tremendous effort to achieve such a high rate of recycling but unfortunately a minority are ignoring the guidelines and it’s causing a major problem.  Urgent action is needed and we are delighted at the immediate uptake of the changes by many residents.


Single-use plastic is also a significant threat to our planet, particularly our oceans, and as residents of a coastal county we understand the seriousness of that damage. These changes will also help reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste produced.” - Cllr Lis Burnett, Deputy Leader of the Vale of Glamorgan Council


Extra supplies of the Council’s reusable bags and boxes are available for free at a number of locations across the Vale.




Bags and Containers

The Council provides a number of recycling bags and boxes for Vale residents, including:

  • Blue Recycling Bags
  • Recycling Boxes
  • Food Waste Kits
  • Garden Waste Bags
  • Hygiene Caddies


Bags and Containers


Black Bag Collections as normal

Our black bag collection service will continue as normal. Residents are able to put out a maximum of 2 black bags of household waste for collection every fortnight.


Black Bag Household Waste


Additional Bag Allowance: Need extra help? If in your household you have:

  • Six or more residents

  • Pet waste and bedding

  • Ash from household log burners/fires 

  • Nappies or adult hygiene products

  • Other waste that you can’t recycle or limit to 2 bags.

A member of our team will discuss your needs with you and a warden visit may be arranged.

  • 01446 700111




  • Why can't I use plastic bags anymore?

    We are asking residents to use the correct containers as some residents are placing non-recyclable items such as nappies and food waste in with recycling, unfortunately, when these items are placed within the bag they contaminate the rest of the recycling.


    By using the correct containers crews can see if the contents of the bags is recycling or waste.


    We are also unable to process single-use plastic bags for recycling at the Mixed Recycling Facility.

  • I went to collect bags and they had run out, how do I get some?

    We are continuing to replenish stocks across the Vale throughout the week.


    Changes are not coming in for a few weeks yet, so residents still have time to collect bags or boxes from various outlets before the changes.

  • I work full time and cannot get to the offices before 5.00pm, how do I get some bags?

    Our blue recycling bags are available at libraries across the Vale, a few of them open later some weekdays and open on Saturdays too.


    Find your local library

  • I haven’t received a letter, what should I do? 

    Letters have been sent to all residents. If you have not received one you can view a copy online:



  • What do I do with shredded paper? 

    Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle shredded paper. This should be placed in black bag waste. 


  • What do I do with nappies? 

    Nappies should be placed in your black bag waste. We provide an additional bag allowance for household that have:


    • Six or more residents

    • Pet waste and bedding

    • Ash from household log burners/fires

    • Nappies or adult hygiene products

    • Other waste that you can’t recycle or limit to 2 bags.


    A member of our team will discuss your needs with you and a warden visit may be arranged: 01446 700111

  • Why should I use the boxes? They always get thrown back and break 

    Crews should place bags and containers back neatly at the kerbside.


    All issues raised have been passed on to the relevant team, they have reminded crews of the standard of service that is expected. We hope that this will help resolve any issues.


    If you do witness staff throwing containers, please let us know the postcode so we can identify the crews and investigate further:



    • 01446 700111



  • Are we still allowed to use black bags for our general waste? 

    We still provide a black bag waste collection service. We collect general waste once a fortnight, each household is restricted to two black bags a fortnight.

  • What if my bags and boxes go missing? 

    If your containers go missing please check with your neighbours to see if they have taken them in by mistake, if not, our blue recycling bags and green boxes are available free from a number of outlets in the Vale.


    Bags and Containers

  • Won’t seagulls and foxes just rip bags open? 

    We advise residents to rinse all recycling to remove any food residue and provide a weekly food waste recycling service with a lockable caddy to deter scavengers.