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Outside Trading Areas for Food, Beverage and Retail 

New policy arrangement for the provision of trading areas, café style licences and advertising boards on the public highway from 01 July 2021


The new policy enables the Council to support and encourage the managed provision of equipment on its highway asset, as this is considered to make a positive contribution to towns and resorts by adding vitality, colour, life and interest to the street scene. 


The Council also considers this can help maximise the use of public spaces, aid local businesses as well as adding to the facilities offered to people who visit, live, and work in the Vale of Glamorgan.  One such addition has been the implementation by the Council of Parklets in Penarth.  Whilst the Council is assessing the repurposing of parking spaces for the Parklets and their impact on local businesses the Parklets are still pilots, but will be subject to the same application and charging process as for café licences detailed below.  


Whilst the Council is actively seeking to encourage the use of this new policy it is important that spaces are managed to ensure:

  • that they meet the appropriate standards of safety within the streetscene

  • the footway remains clear with no hazards for pedestrians

Obstructions on the pavement can make it difficult for the blind, partially sighted and other footway users.  Such obstructions can also cause inconvenience to neighbouring properties or businesses.


Café Licences


 Seating Area Cost
1 – 2 tables with up to 8 chairs / seats  £267 per annum
3 – 4 tables with up to 16 chairs / seats  £534 per annum 
5 -10 tables with up to 40 chairs / seats  £1,067 per annum 
11+ tables with over 40 chairs / seats £1,601 per annum, plus £35 for every extra chair/ seat over 40

Outside trading area for the sale of goods


 Size Cost
Under 5 square metres £267 per annum
Over 5 square metres £534 per annum

Advertising Board Charges 


Advertising boards
 Item Cost
 Advertising board  £119 each


Please note: There is a maximum of two advertising boards per business. This includes any permitted under the outside trading space.


Apply for a Outside Trading Space

If you would like to apply for a café licence, outside trading space for the purpose of selling goods or for the use an advertising boards, you need check you are happy with the terms of the policy and complete the application form returning it via email or post to:



Vale of Glamorgan Council

Highway Maintenance Team

The Alps Depot

Quarry Road






If you decide to make an application for one of the licences, it will be considered by the Council and if approved the Highway Maintenance team will agree the extents of the space permitted with you and a licence will be issued for 12 months from the date the fee is paid. Where approved, any barriers, fencing, hoarding, furniture or other apparatus may only be placed on the highway within the agreed licensed area which will be marked out with road pins and spray paint by the Council or their designated representative.


If you have any queries regarding the new policy arrangements or require assistance completing the application, then please contact the Council to discuss at the earliest opportunity. This can be done by either emailing or writing to the address above or by telephoning 01446 700111 and asking for Jessica Stoker.