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General Information



There are no refunds on short courses of 15 weeks or less in duration.


We make every effort to keep our prices as low as possible and cannot return payments to learners who miss sessions or decide to withdraw from a course.  Any refunds are subject to an administration charge of £30. Refunds may take 28 days to process.


Cancellation and Changes to Courses by Vale Courses

Vale Courses reserve the right to reschedule or cancel courses. Reasons for this may be, but not restricted to, low enrolment numbers, weather warnings, tutor availability or unforeseen venue issues. Publicised course tutors (web and print form) may be subject to change due to tutor availability.


If a course does not reach its minimum number, we may offer you the opportunity to reduce the number of weeks with no corresponding reduction in fee, or we may increase the fee as an alternative to closing the class. This is subject to your agreement.


If a course is cancelled, we will offer you an alternative course (subject to their being places available) or full refund of fees.


Cancelled lessons by Vale Courses

Vale Courses may be required to cancel an individual lesson at short notice. Reasons for this may be but not restricted to, tutor illness, weather warnings or unforeseen venue issues. Wherever possible we will endeavour to offer a replacement lesson at the end of the course on the usual class day and time.


Vale Courses is not responsible for any additional costs you may have incurred, including costs of travel and materials because of a cancelled course or class.

Data Protection


Any personal information supplied by you during this application process will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018. In supplying this information, you consent to the Vale of Glamorgan Council and its contracted agencies processing the data for the purpose for which it is supplied.


Vale Courses may use any information which you provide during the application process to compile statistics which may be published or passed to a governmental or regulatory body.


A copy of the Council’s Privacy notice, which sets out how the Council manages personal information and an individual’s rights can be found on our website, please use this link.