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Integrated Sustainability Appraisal 

There is a statutory requirement for the RLDP to be subject to Sustainability Appraisal to ensure that the plan is underpinned by the principle of sustainable development. 


The Integrated Sustainability Appraisal (ISA) is a mechanism for considering and communicating the likely significant economic, social, environmental, and cultural effects of the emerging, and alternatives in terms of key sustainability issues, maximising the emerging plan’s contribution to sustainable development. This appraisal intends to mitigate the negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts of the plan-making process. The ISA for the RLDP also fulfils the requirements and duties for:

  • Sustainability Appraisal (SA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA); 

  • Equalities Impact Assessment (EqIA); 

  • Health Impact Assessment (HIA);

  • Welsh Language Impact Assessment (WLIA); and 

  • Well-Being of Future Generations. 

There are 5 key stages to the ISA Process: 


  • Stage A: Setting Context & Scoping 

    Scoping and context setting is the first stage of the ISA process, with the aim and ultimate output being a concise, accessible and proportionate Scoping Report. This will include: policy context review, baseline information (including current and future trends), key issues and ISA framework against which the RLDP will be appraised.

  • Stage B: Developing Options & Assessment of Alternatives

    Stage B involves considering the work that goes into the Preferred Strategy, including: the proposed vision issues and objectives; the preferred growth options and; draft policies.


    Reasonable allternative options to the Preferred Strategy will also be developed and their effects will be assessed. Preferred alternatives will then be chosen.

  • Stage C: Assessment of the Deposit Plan & Preparing the ISA Report 

    In Stage C the effects of the Deposit Plan will be assessed using the ISA Framework and this will seek to mitigate any significant negative effects. Measures to monitor the significant effects of implementing the RLDP will also be proposed. Once the Deposit Plan has been assessed, the findings will be consulted upon in the ISA Report. 

  • Stage D: Consultation, Examination and Adoption

    At Stage D, significant changes to the Deposit Plan that emerge following consultation will be assessed using the ISA Framework. The ISA Report will also be updated to reflect any significant changes that emerge from the Deposit Plan consultation or the Examination. 


    Following adoption, a Post Adoption Statement will be published, setting out how environmental considerations have been integrated into the RLDP. Thiw will include how the ISA report and consultation responses have been taken into account, and outline the reasons for choosing the preferred alternatives in light of the reasonable alternatives considered.

  • Stage E: Monitoring the significant effects of implementing the RLDP  

    This stage will develop the aims and methods for monitoring the implementation of the RLDP and how the Council will respond to adverse effects.


Stage A: Setting Context & Scoping - ISA Scoping Report 

Preparation of the Draft ISA Scoping Report is the first stage of the ISA process and outlines the issues and objectives against which the sustainability of the RLDP will be assessed. The draft ISA Scoping Report is largely an evidence gathering stage and sets out the current economic, social, environmental and cultural well-being context including baseline data and identifies sustainability issues which are relevant to the local area.  This has involved a review of the plans, policies and strategies relevant to the preparation of the RLDP, in addition to a review of the social, economic, and environmental baseline characteristics of the Vale of Glamorgan.


Consultation Details

The draft ISA Scoping Report was subject to a public consultation between 24/08/2022 and 29/09/2022. The consultation responses and proposed changes are currently being considered. The amended documents will be published in due course. 


The Draft ISA Scoping Report consulted on, and its associated non-technical summary, can be accessed below: 


Draft ISA Scoping Report                              Draft ISA Scoping Report Non-Technical Summary


If you have any questions or would like to make comments on this report in person, this can be done by appointment at The Dock Office. For appointments, please contact us.