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Call for Candidate Sites 

Following publication of the Delivery Agreement, the call for Candidate Sites is the first formal stage of preparing the RLDP. Interested parties were invited to submit sites referred to as ‘Candidate Sites’ to the Council for potential allocation in the RLDP between 20/6/22 and 13/9/22. The Council will now assess each candidate site to determine its suitability.


The Candidate Site Process 


The Call for Candidate Sites is an important step in the Council’s evidence gathering process to inform future drafting of the RLDP. Site promoters were required to provide suitable evidence to robustly demonstrate the sustainability, deliverability, and financial viability of sites. The submission of detailed evidence upfront and early in the plan making process, as part of the Candidate Site stage, is essential to inform the delivery of the Preferred Strategy and subsequent plan stages.


Candidate Site submissions will be considered for potential inclusion within the RLDP and assessed in accordance with the Assessment Methodology (pdf). Submission of a candidate site and its inclusion in the Candidate Sites Register must not be interpreted as the site is suitable for development or that it will be taken forward into the Deposit RLDP. 


If you are a site promoter, you can view your candidate site submission using the following link:


Online Portal


The Candidate Sites Register


The Candidate Sites Register is a record of all sites submitted to the Council as part of the Call for Candidate Sites that was undertaken between 17th June and 13th September 2022. The purpose of this register is to identify what land could potentially be available for allocation in the Replacement Local Development Plan (RLDP).


Those sites which have failed the stage 1 assessment (initial site filter) have also been identified, and are available to view in the Stage 1 Candidate Site Assessment Register. 


It is important to note that the submission of sites and their inclusion in the Candidate Sites Register does not guarantee that they will be taken forward into the Deposit RLDP. All candidate sites will be subject to a robust assessment process to determine their suitability or otherwise for allocation.


Please be aware that this register is not a consultation document and is simply available for information at this stage. The formal opportunity to comment on Candidate Sites will be at the Preferred Strategy Stage later in 2023.


The Candidate Site Register and the Stage 1 Candidate Site Assessment Register are available to view on the Council’s Online Portal, which can be accessed from the following links:  




PDF versions can be accessed from the following links:

Candidate Site Register PDF

Stage 1 Candidate Site Assessment Register PDF


Alternatively, a hard copy of the register can be viewed at the Vale of Glamorgan Council’s Civic Offices during normal office hours. 


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