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Building Control

Work with building owners, contractors and professional advisors to help deliver a building that meets the standards of health, safety and quality required by the Building Regulations, on time and within budget.


Pre-application discussions are welcomed and encouraged so that the more complex developments can proceed without any unnecessary delays, please contact: 01446 704609


This can also have a cost saving implication for the developer as early consultation can prevent over specification.


Online Submissions

Submit building regulation submission forms, documents and plans online via the Building Portal.


Any queries please contact 01446 704609.



Fees and payments for building control can be paid over the phone:

  • 01446 704609

    01446 704829 / 01446 700011


Building Control Register

View all Applications that have been submitted to the Council since 1994.


Please note: All Plans, drawings and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright Design and patent Act (Section 47).


Building Control Register





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LABC Front Door

LABC Front Door provides advice on home improvements, building regulations and working with builders and designers. The advice has been prepared by LABC who represent all local authority Building Control teams in Wales.



Building Regulations apply in England and Wales and exist principally to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings. They also provide for access to and around buildings and energy conservation. 


Building Regulations will probably apply if you intend to:

  • Re Roof (if more than 50% of the roof is replaced building regulations apply)
  • Detached outbuildings, offices or garden rooms. Please contact office for further guidance
  • Make structural alterations to an existing building (including underpinning)
  • Change the use of an existing building (in certain cases)
  • Provide, extend or alter drainage facilities
  • Provision of a space heating or hot water service boiler
  • Provision of a hot water vessel
  • Erect a new building or extend an existing building (unless the building or extension is exempt from control under the regulations)
  • Provision of a new window, rooflight, roof window or door (being a door, which together with its frame has more than 50 % of its internal face area glazed)