Secondary School Admissions

If your child is attending Year 6 of a Vale Primary or Junior School and is due to transfer to a Secondary school  in September, you will receive a letter from the relevant admission authority advising you of the process.


School children in corridor

Admissions to secondary schools will normally be granted provided a schools admission number is not exceeded. Where the number of applications for admission to a school exceeds the number of places available, places will be allocated by applying the published Admission Criteria. 


It is a legal requirement for all parents to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend/transfer to, even if they are attending the feeder primary school. You can express two preferences and it is recommended that one of these should be your catchment school.




Key Dates

Transfer to Secondary School September 2020

Opening Date: 25 September 2019

Closing Date: 29 November 2019

Offer Date: 02 March 2020


School Admission Appeals and Coronavirus - Year 6 transfers September 2020

We are monitoring government guidance and currently considering the impact of the coronavirus on School Admission Appeals. The Independent Appeal Panel Members are unpaid and trained volunteers so there may be unavoidable delays to progressing and hearing appeals this year due to the Coronavirus outbreak. We are expecting to receive new guidance very soon from the Welsh Government, which will add clarity to the situation. We will provide a further update as soon as possible. (Last updated 03 April 2020).


If you wish to get in touch to discuss this further, please contact us on 01446 – 709844/709725/709727


*E-mail notifications will be sent 02 March, letters will be posted 1st class on Monday 02 March 2020.


If you have received notification of the decision to offer your child a place for Secondary 2020 and would like to accept the offer of a place, please login and do so at your earliest opportunity.


If you have received notification of the decision to refuse your child a place for Secondary 2020, please complete and return the enclosed application form, selecting an alternative preference. You will also receive paperwork that once completed allows you to appeal against the decision to refuse your child a place, if you wish to do so please complete and return the paperwork as instructed on the forms.


If you have received notification that your child has been allocated a place at a community school and an alternative school, such as St Richard Gwyn or Stanwell. Please contact us via to inform us of which place you will be accepting.


Please note the closing date has now passed. If you would like to submit a late application, please complete and return the form below to the admissions team via e-mail: or alternatively via post: School Admissions Team, Civic Offices, Holton Road, Barry, CF63 4RU.


Secondary 2020 Late Application




Community and Voluntary Controlled Schools

Entry of children into Secondary Schools is controlled and administered by the Local Admissions Authority. In the case of Community and Voluntary Controlled schools this is the Vale of Glamorgan Council. In the case of Voluntary Aided and Foundation Schools the admission authority is the Governing Body of the school.


Where the appropriate Admissions Authority is the Governing Body of the School, parents are advised to contact the school direct for details and an application form. 




Check Catchment Area

You can check your catchment area by entering your postcode:



In line with current legislation, parents are required to express a preference for the school they wish their child to attend, even if it is their catchment school. Pupils who reside within a defined catchment area will therefore have no automatic right to attend that school. A formal application must be made.


Failure to apply could lead to some parents/carers being denied a place for their child at their local/chosen school,  if demand exceeds the number of places available. It must be noted that catchment children will always take priority over applications from outside the catchment area.


Please Note: Where parents knowingly give false information in order to obtain the advantage of a particular school for their child to which they would not otherwise be entitled, the council reserves the right to withdraw the offer of a place. Parents may render themselves guilty of an offence under Section 5(b) of the Perjury Act 1911.