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Transferring between Secondary Schools

Information and guidance about transferring between secondary schools.


Changing Secondary Schools is a significant step for children to take. A change of school mid-year or after Year 7 can seriously disrupt the continuity of a child's education and cause difficulties over syllabus compatibility, examination arrangements etc.


If parents feel that a problem at school is so serious as to necessitate a change, you are urged to take all reasonable steps to resolve the issue with the school first, and then to seek advice from the Admissions section if necessary, before applying formally for a transfer. 


School Transfer Form

Should parents decide that they wish to pursue an application for an alternative school, the School Transfer Form should be submitted to the School Admissions Section for consideration.



As many schools in the Vale are oversubscribed, a child should not be removed from a school unless a new place has been confirmed.


There is an Appeal Process should your application be unsuccessful.


Applications for Foundation and Aided Schools are available from the schools direct, and parents are advised to put all correspondence in writing to their chosen school.