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Admission Appeals

If parents are dissatisfied with the result of an application an appeal may be submitted to an Appeal Panel

The Appeal Panel is independent of the Admission Section and Council.


This comprises of lay members who have experience in education, or who are acquainted with the educational conditions in the area, or are parents of registered pupils at a school.


Parents who have applied unsuccessfully for a particular school will be supplied with an appropriate appeal form and final date for submission with the result of their application.


How to Appeal

An appeal must be made in writing on the appropriate form supplied upon refusal of an offer at your preferred school. 


Parents who submit an appeal will be given the opportunity to speak before the Appeal Panel if desired. The decision of an Appeal Panel is final and is binding on the Council or the Governors, as appropriate.


In the case of an unsuccessful appeal, further applications for a place at the same school will not be considered during the same academic year unless there are significant and material changes in the circumstances of parents and school.


For more information about the independent appeals process please see our Notes of Guidance Document.


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