Active Travel

The Vale of Glamorgan Council is working to promote and improve opportunities for active travel within the local authority area




Active travel means walking and cycling (including the use of mobility scooters) for everyday journeys. This includes journeys to school, to work, to the shops or to access services e.g. health or leisure centres. Active travel does not include walking and cycling for recreational or social reasons.


Active Travel Funding 2020-21

The Council has been awarded a sum of money by Welsh Government to undertake a number of Active Travel improvements, including feasibility, design and small construction projects throughout the Vale of the Glamorgan.




In September 2014, the Welsh Government introduced the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013 which makes it a legal requirement for local authorities in Wales to map and plan for suitable routes for active travel within certain settlements, as specified by Welsh Government.


The Council is working towards submitting its Integrated Network Maps which set out the Authority’s aspirations for improving active travel routes across the County over the next 15 years. They will include routes that are currently used but may not meet the standard of Active Travel routes currently, or they could be routes that do not currently exist but that have been identified within other strategic Plans, or have been identified through the consultation process.


The Integrated Network Maps stages to be followed include the following:


  • Gather Information

  • Journey Mapping

  • Route Assessment

  • Draft Integrated Network Maps & Scheme Identification

  • Validation

  • Final Plan and Prioritisation